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The TerraLux 80 Lumens LED flashlight has it's advantages. It will function as the penlight for those who prefer traditional flashlights that are hand held for the outdoors, and, for work. But wait, it's not entirely retro -- it can clip on, and it also has a "bite" grip.

While you can always hook it to a headband (it has a clip) for the headlight style of operation, what's unique about this powerful penlight is that it has a rubber ring for "bite" grip mode for occasional hands free use. It will be of appeal to those who prefer a rugged flashlight for work or camping situations, or for more occasional use. Pretty good for a 5 hour burn rate, I tested it at night, and, I'd feel comfortable using it with a bike helmet to get home in the dark.

It also features a CRI (Color Rendering Index) for representing true colours as they'd appear in natural light -- and this may be helpful when reading, and doing any form of repair work such as electrical wiring. I suppose this light will have appeal to the outdoor enthusiast as well as those in the trades.

While the Lighstar 80 may be more for around camp, I'd love to try the Lightstar 300 on the bike, looks amazing, so stay tuned for a night-ride test this summer -- at 3.5 hours and 300 Lumens, we're getting somewhere with LED flashlights as inexpensive bike lights for night trail riding. What is intriguing about the TerraLUX LED design, is the high CRI, I'd like to ride at night and get daylight colouring of the forest floor and trail.

I for one admit (as many should), I am a bit of a headlight and flashlight hoarder and have been since I was a kid. For those looking for professional construction (aircraft aluminum - looks like it can take a beating and some drops), lifetime LED operation, true colour representation, bright, 5 hour (2 3AA) battery life, with a small form factor -- this flashlight will appeal.

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