Best Slot Canyons in Nova Scotia

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In our series of summer features on Nova Scotia, senior contributor Benoit Lalonde offers his second article in the series ... 'Best Slot Canyons of Nova Scotia'. They don't necessarily involve climbing apparatus and as Benoit points out, they aren't like the slot canyons of Utah, however, as canyons, they can involve technical terrain. As the images show, there is a lot of sheer rock face around, ideal for exploring new climbing or scrambling routes.

Best “Slot Canyons” in Nova Scotia

Alright I might be exaggerating a little about naming those areas slot canyons but for Nova Scotia you won’t find any other areas like this. George Fraser Brook and Diligent River are very narrow and spectacular. A combination of the unique geology and the passage of time and water from the brooks have carved these deep channels through solid rock. Summer is a great time to visit those as the water level will be much lower and it will be easier to get into these narrow areas without getting water over your head. Head over to these areas and you will be amazed!

George Fraser Brook slot Canyon;

Diligent River Canyon;

Sam Higgins;

Rocky Mountain Fall;

Benoit Lalonde
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