Paddle Destinations in the Maritimes I

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Kayaking and the Maritimes. Shake it up Baby!

One thing that especially drew me to paddle sports as I delved into them more and more is how mixed the discipline is. When I first bought my ocean kayak, I envisioned glass calm waters and relaxation. (cue the loon) But over the past thirteen years of paddling in the Atlantic region, I've learned that water can offer you a whole lot more than just calm blue ocean. In this two part series, we'll start with the calm getaway type trips that deliver some great scenery and paddling, then move on to the waves, epic trips, tidal flows and more in part II.

Living in the Maritimes, the opportunities can be right outside your door or at the most, a day trip away. Here is a list of paddle destinations located within PEI, NS and NB that are great for tripping, discovery, calm getaways, tidal surfing, and wave play.

Calm getaways: (relax amid the waves):

Charlottetown Harbour, PEI

New London Bay, PEI

Darnley, PEI

Summerside Harbour

North Rustico, PEI

Morris Lake, Dartmouth, NS

Antigonish Harbour, NS

Saint Ann’s Harbour, Cape Breton, NS

Long Lake Provincial Park, NS

Irwin’s Lake, Truro, NS

Chiputceticook Lakes, McAdam, NB

Hampton Creek, NB Island Destinations: (Look, Land!) Boughton Island, PEI

Governor’s Island (stratford), PEI

Murray Islands, Murray Harbour, PEI

Lower Prospect, NS

Shut-in Island, St, Margarets Bay, NS

Tangier Harbour, NS

Five Islands, NS

Pope’s Harbour, NS

Cassie Cape, NB

Coming soon .. part II of this article on epic traverses, moving water, tripping, tidal flow spots (standing water), wave destinations and more! Shannon Burt

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