Paddle Destinations in the Maritimes II

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In part II of Top Destinations of the Maritimes, we move past the "relax" theme and cover some other hot-spots and more advanced options for playboating, herculean paddles, and close encounters.

Wave surfing is an exhilarating half day adventure when the winds and location work in tandem. With a few hard paddle strokes, you're riding and bracing on a seemingly endless wave toward shore. Tidal flows offer a similar amount of play when tides, river current and geography mix in the right measure. Standing wave play gives a sense of surfing while staying motionless in the flow. Fast water play offers day long fun on the rapids. Rock gardens and Island hopping fill the desire for discovery, navigation and even the possibilities of over-nighters. Who hasn't felt the sense of sophistication saying 'archipelago' at a dinner party.

Seemingly epic traverses and ocean paddling (Be one with the power of the tides)

NB to PEI Crossing the Northumberland Strait

Blue Rocks, NS

Cape Breton Highlands traverse, NS

Cape George, NS

Cape Chignecto, NS

Hopewell Rocks, NB

Bay Of Fundy, St. Martins to Fundy National Park, NB

Moving water (Haystacks a plenty!)

Dunk River, PEI (in Spring)

Upper Morell River, PEI, (in Spring)

St. Croix, NB/Maine

Margaree River, Cape Breton, NS

Tidal Flows (Sweetspots and standing waves)

Mount Stewart, PEI

Shubenacadie River, NS

New London Bay, PEI (at the opening in the Spit)

Wave destinations (Ride ‘em!)

Clam Harbour, NS

Kepoch, Kinlock, PEI

Rustico Beach, PEI

(Anywhere else along the coast, with the right wind and post-storm conditions)

Paddle Tripping (pack your drybags!)

Keji National Park, NS

Lower Prospect, NS

Woodens River Watershed

(associated link)

Chiputneticook Lakes, NB

St. Croix, NB/Maine

Cape Chignecto, NS

Shannon Burt
East Coast Editor

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