Osprey Syncro 15 Review

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The Osprey Syncro 15 is my new hydration and tools pack for mountain biking.

Being one size up from the 10L, it also allowed me to use it as my carry-on baggage with my laptop and my travel essentials. Just a few hours later, after landing in Phoenix, the Syncro 15 would transform into my hydration pack for some great Sedona red-rock rides!

When you are off to trail destinations, you have to get all your gear and your travel clothing figured out.

It excelled on the trail however on the MTB trails of Sedona, of which there are plenty. You can ride every day all day for a week here and not repeat a trail.

The Syncro 15 designed primarily as a bike pack, but it works just as well as a light hiking day pack, also well used on Sedona's majestic treks such as Wilson South (see pic bottom), Brins Mesa, and Harding Springs.

Osprey hasn't missed a thing, note the shoulder straps made out of padded cut-out material for comfort and weight savings. Outer fabric is a honey comb rip-stop nylon material. The fit is good, and, your hydration bite valve magnetically snaps to your sternum strap. The sternum strap can be adjusted up or down your chest, as well as made tighter or looser.

Cynch straps above the side pockets would allow you to fasten a taller object alongside the pack, it could accomodate a small tripod, or, telescopic hiking poles if it's hike day. Because it's stretchy, it can also fit a jacket or first aid kit, whatever you prefer.

This is a great economical pack made by the industry leader in hydration packs. Osprey makes a full line of packs that we've reviewed in detail, and, I trust them to bring their innovation and technical know-how into their bike line. They also make the Raven which is a very sleek hydration pack for biking.

I like the fact that there are 3 zippered pouches arranged in increasing size. The media pouch (GPS / camera / sunglasses), the J-zip bike tool compartment is next holding your pump / tools and keys. And finally the main pouch that you access the hydration bladder from. That's where a jacket, extra shirt, or lunch goes. The hydration bladder is quite advanced, it has anti-slosh baffles, and together with the bite valve I can say "no issues". I do appreciate being able to detach the hose for cleaning and drying it out.

For the price, ruggedness, and, function -- I am very happy with the Synchro, and will be for years to come. As a side note, I biked some of Sedona's finest this past trip, including Mescal, Mystic, Hog's Wash, Arrowhead, Aerie, Adobe Jack, Baldwin, and Slim Shady. These are all on trailpeak, just use search (top nav) with Sedona chosen as the town/city, and, country=USA. You'll see about 30 hike and bike trails.

It has all the features I've come to rely on from Osprey. Let me go through those;

  • media pouch where I carry my GPS (faces sky and gets good reception) and camera
  • large inner pocket which can take a jacket, first aid kit and of course, your hydration bladder
  • middle pouch with zippered pockets, pump holder, and key clip
  • mesh expandable side Pockets (I stuffed a jacket in one side for my return trip)
  • helmet lock (easy attachment for your bike helmet on back of pack)
  • rain cover in bottom compartment (didn't need this in Sedona Arizona!)
  • clip for bike light (blinker) on the back with lots of reflective taping for riding around town. Ride to the trai and ride home!
  • mesh "airspeed" suspension - airflow separation of pack from your back (appreciated!)
I'll be riding all summer in Vermont, Quebec, Ontario so stay tuned for more great trail additions, and, you should be getting a few more glimpses of the Syncho in action!

Kurt Turchan

PS Here it is on my Wilson South hike (a Sedona must!)

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