EXPED Downmat Winterlite MW review

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EXPED has been with trailpeak.com a long time, helping its editors reach peaks, valleys, islands, and, winter powder destinations. It's always been a comfortable sleep on EXPED, I'd liken an EXPED sleepmat to be about as comfortable as the bed at home, and warm. Warm because it's filled with 700 fill goose down, the best performing down you can get for the weight. That's EXPED as it's always been. A super light and compactable sleepmat.

What EXPED keeps doing though, is refining it's technology and design. For example, with this latest iteration, the DOWNMAT WINTERLITE MW, the air bag to fill the sleepmat is again refined, I found it super fast and easy to inflate thanks to the "Schnozzel". You don't blow into the mat, that would introduce moisture to down, a bad thing. What I have found over time, is that I tend to over-inflate the mat to start, then take a lot of the air out in the tent to get the comfort factor just right. What this means is, don't put as much air in it as you think to start. This translates to an even quicker inflation process, it's really a breeze (literally).

Ok so on to performance, this mat works in -32 C or -26 F. That's incredible, so along with it's tapered shape to match a mummy bag, what you have here is about the best performing sleepmat you could buy. The next to skin materials are comfortable and slip resistant, and the laminate will hold up. You are paying for it, but it's the best winter sleep technology out there.

"Winter is coming", a famous quote by Mr. Snow, so, let's all pray for a lot of the fluffy white stuff in 2015/2016. There are many back-country ski destinations in Canada, from the alpine north of Whistler, the truly out there alpine traverses in the rockies, the winter marathons, or the eastern Canadian treks along routes such as Papineau Labelle, Gaspe, Algonquin Park, or Quebec city. And these are all on trailpeak.com by the way.

This year, give winter camping a try -- but if you do -- get out there with a sleeping bag and sleep-mat that will keep you warm. For the longer back-country treks, in winter, down is a must for the weight savings, and the warmth. This is EXPED's sleep spot, I mean sweet spot.

The DownMat Winterlite is the worlds lightest mat at comparable warmth and comfort levels! It is extremely compact when packed and features a tapered shape that fits into the smallest of tents. It includes the Schnozzel Pumpbag UL M. The MW size stats are given;

-25.6 °F / -32 C, R-Value: 7.00
3.5 in (9 cm), Length: 72 in (183 cm)
Shoulder Width: 
25.6 in (65 cm), Foot Width: 16.5 in
Weight Mat: 
21.7 oz (596g), Weight Pump: 2.1 oz
Weight Packsack:
0.7 oz (19g)
Packed height: 
9.8 in, Packed diameter: 5.1 in

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