Louis Garneau Maple Lane Jersey

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I am always on the lookout for a cycling jersey that feels great when I ride. I am also a roadie at times, so I like a jersey that works on road rides also, i.e. relaxed fit but not baggy. A premium trailpeak member will win a combination of this jersey ($89) and the Louis Garneau Derby Short ($129) we also reviewed, draw set for Oct 1-15 range 2016.

The Maple Lane from Louis Garneau is the find with a sharp design that has cammo-inspired shoulder panels and a full zip. It's a great fit and it's specially designed for warm weather. With the summer we've had in eastern Ontario, this jersey's cooling features have come in handy. It also doesn't stink like most cycling jerseys after one ride.

Let's get right into that. First, there is the NANO-SILVER technology which helps control odor. The jersey also has a number of panels that LG calls AirFit Mesh so it dries fast.

In their words "The semi-opaque structure and lightness of the mesh provide comfort, flexibility and excellent moisture control". In my words, the mesh side panels and lighter fabric help keep you cooler. I love the stretch that this jersey gives in the chest area.

It's a full length zip, which I like in general. You've got one rear zippered pocket - I am not one for putting a ton in the back pocket, we have hydration packs for that, but if I use the jersey on a road ride, this comes in handy. You also get a media pocket.

It's a comfort fit, but for me it struck the right balance of comfort and closer to the body fit. It's not too tight, it's not baggy. It looks good. Sizing with LG items is best done in the store, as I found another shirt I had ordered at XXL only fit my medium friend. Did I get a mislabeled item, probably not, cycling apparel is usually a tighter fit that's why Louis Garneau clearly states their sizing with an online sizing chart.

If ordering online, it would be best to pay attention to sizing as they go by "racer fit", "standard" fit, "comfort fit", and "relax fit". Being a bigger guy, I am usually XL and went with XXL for the Maple Lane "comfort fit". I'd say "perfect fit".

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