Louis Garneau Derby Cycling Shorts

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Hold the presses. I don't think I've ever found a cycling short that works so well for mountain biking, or going out on the patio. I could call them "James Bond" shorts in a way, I love wearing these out or even to the office. With their sharp charcoal colour and style, they could be mistaken for dress shorts, but, they are too hip for that.

The length, light-weight stretchy fabric have a styled fit, and, feel great. But we're not hear to talk about hanging on the patio.

What I like about the Derby Cycling Shorts on the trail is that they stretch so you don't feel any resistance, and the durable but lightweight fabric work well in hot weather. I've done a fair bit of DH and all-mountain riding, and, as a mountain biker, sometimes we end up with bike shorts that are rugged yes, but feel more like card-board.

The Derby shorts have but don't really don't need a stretch band of fabric on at the back-side waist, the material itself is stretchy. Yet the short holds it's form.

In LG's words ..

"The Derby short is made with a tough outer fabric that feels and looks like denim. The shorts look great worn off the bike and deliver superior comfort on it. The detachable Drytex® inner shorts feature a built-in chamois and Powerband, engineered for a more comfortable ride. The adjustable Velcro side-tabs will let you fine-tune your fit, while the seamless inner leg prevents excess fabric getting bunched up around the saddle. Two pockets on the front and one at the back provide ample, secure storage for all your equipment. The snap loop fastening system makes these shorts compatible with other Garneau inner shorts and inner bibs. The Profile MTB chamois offers multi-directional stretch, is specially treated with antibacterial solution and features an anatomically-designed fit which is specifically geared toward mountain biking. Seamless construction and the use of memory foam eliminates pinching points and delivers a smooth transition from one on-bike position to the next."

It's all true, these shorts do look great off the trail. This is my favourite bike short of all time. This is my favourite summer short of all time. Think of these shorts as half-price for that reason! I also like the front right pocket which seems to be about the width of my iPhone, that's where the iPhone goes when wearing around, and I do wear this short around. Well done Louis Garneau. And for those that didn't miss it, Louis Garneau had a summer sale on where you could save on the $129 list price.

With the detachable inner Chamois, um, totally worth it. I will say one more thing about them. I like the re-enforcing lace up at the waist, there is velcro there at the top of the zipper but velcro alone even with a zipper has never lasted all that long for me, so it seems Louis Garneau hasn't missed a thing with this short.

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