WANTED: Account Manager for Trailpeak.com

Author: [ trailpeak ]   Contact Author: trailpeakThu Sep 08 14:09:58 UTC 2016

Do you have experience with digital and online sales. Are you looking for a change out of the cubicle and into the great outdoors. Do you walk into outdoor gear stores even when you don't need gear, you just like the atmosphere, because you really want to be out on the trail, and, when you aren't, you're dreaming about it.

If it's yes, and, you've worked in the outdoor apparel industry, destination tourism, or, have equivalent experience in partnering and digital marketing.

Trailpeak.com is looking for someone who can reach out to prospective partners, and help them get in front of over 2 Million unique visitors that trailpeak.com serves. It's strictly commission to start, but that usually involves being able to review the latest gear out on the trail as well, and, it's up to you to grow your position into a salaried role.

At trailpeak, there is a lot of flexibility, we'd rather you be outside as much as you are inside making calls, but again, that's your call -- we're growing, and, we want your enthusiasm. Just use the contact us at the bottom of the page, put JOB POSTING TRAILPEAK in the title and you are all set.


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