March 2008 Newsletter

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March 2008 Newsletter

1. New Features on Trailpeak
2. Marmot Draw up Next
3. March is Backcountry Ski Month at Trailpeak
4. Top 10 Recently Submitted Trails
5. Get Planning!
6. Send in your event news
7. User tip of the month


1. New Features on Trailpeak

Things may have seemed quiet around Trailpeak this winter, but we've been busy behind the scenes! There are many new features on the site for you to take advantage of this spring and summer, as well as improvements to the features you've come to rely on.

We've added new Forums to the site! Whether you're looking to connect with people before hitting the trail, or have questions you need answered, drop in on the forums and check it out. Any question you ask in one of our trail listings also posts in our forums for others to answer! Give it a try.

-Select your region
Click on a region at the top of the page to focus your Trailpeak experience to that region! The hottest trails, newest trails, featured trail and Google Map will all be change and become specific to your area.

-Search by Google map
Have an idea of where you'd like to go but not sure what's there? Have a look at our Google Maps pages. Pick a region at the top of our site, then go to any of our activity pages and click "Use Large Google Map Popup".

-Geocoded images in Google Maps
Take maps a step further by adding geocoded images! Including GPS data with your image will allow us show exactly where the photo was taken by placing a clickable icon on the trail map. Now you can see exactly what what the view looks like from the that mountain ridge.

-Photo Slideshows
Want to look through all the photos in a trail description? Just click on one, and then scroll through them all with the arrows above the photo, or just click anywhere in the window to enjoy the show!

-Hottest Trails
Make sure to check out the hottest trails for each activity! They're right there on the main page for each activity, and one of the many ways we're helping you plan trips!

-Member search
Remember that you read a great article on Trailpeak and want to see if the author has written more? Want to find out who's in your area? Try our Member Search. Search by username, activity, age range and location. You never know who you'll meet!

2. Marmot Exum Goretex Shell next draw!

Stay tuned to find out who will win our next draw: a Marmot Exum Goretex shell jacket! We'll announce in our next newsletter and on the site.

3. March is Backcountry Ski Month at

While some of us this month are aching to get back to our summer pursuits, there are those of us who know that March can present some fantastic Backcountry skiing! We're featuring 10 Backcountry trails from our site that members have submitted.

10 Featured Backcountry Ski Trails:

  1. Garibaldi Neve Traverse, Squamish, BC
  2. Spearhead Traverse, Whistler, BC
  3. Singing Pass, Winter Route, Whistler, BC
  4. Skoki Loop, Banff, AB
  5. Shark Lake (Marushka Lake) Canmore, AB
  6. Forum Ridge, Waterton Park Gate, AB
  7. McGerrige Route, Chic Chocs, Gaspesie, PQ
  8. La Traversee de Charlevoix, La Malabaie, PQ
  9. Baker's Brook Pond, Deer Lake, NF
  10. Trout River Pond Lookoff, Bonne Bay, NF

4. Top 10 Recently Submitted Trails

  1. Campbells's Pond Backcountry Ski, PEI National Park, PEI
  2. Ken Reid Trail System, Lindsay, ON
  3. Mount Colden, Lake Placid, NY, USA
  4. Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, BC
  5. Moab Lake X-C Ski Trail, Jasper, AB
  6. Commando Bay, Okanagan Lake, Penticton, BC- Canoeing
  7. First Lake Trail, North Vancouver, BC- Hiking, Snowshoeing
  8. Crest Trail, Vernon, BC- Easy Hiking
  9. Hoodoo Creek, Rocky Mountain House, AB- Moderate Hiking
  10. Lizzie Lake Cabin, Pemberton, BC

5. Get Planning!

March is a great time of year to start looking ahead to the summer months, and putting together ideas for your next adventure. There are many summary articles on Trailpeak to help, and here are just a few ...

The top 50 Hidden Jems in B.C. based on our summer 2007 stats, and, Exploring the trails off the Yellowhead Highway added recently

6. Send in your event news

Do you know of a good kayak, hike, bike, or climbing festival? Save it up because next week we launch our events calendar. Just click the submit news button under any activity news, and help others find your event. In our bike section for example, you'll see some top events like the 7 day BC Bike Race in our Epic Cross Country Mountain Bike Races West and Epic Cross Country Mountain Bike Races East news.

7. User tip of the month

Click the submitted by button on any trail to visit the member profile of the user who submitted it.


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