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April Trailpeak Newsletter

1. New Trail Format
2. Geotagging Your Images
3. US Regions
4. Vote in the MEC Election today
5. New Events Mashup
6. User tip of the Month
7. Monthly Gear Draw
8. Adventuring in Newfoundland


1. New Trail Page Format

Many of you may have noticed we've overhauled our trail page on . We make it easier to take a quick glance at a trail to see what it's all about. Click the "+wishlist" button to add this trail to your member page. You can also click "find others" to see who else wants to do this trail. Visit another member's page to see the trails on their wishlist. See the new format here.

2. Geotagging Your Images - Beta

If your images are geocoded with lat/long information we plot them on google maps when you submit them. If your images are not already geocoded, let us do that. If you submit the GPS data and images for a trail, click our new "Geotag" button on the trail page and we'll do the geotagging for you. We match timestamps between your images and your GPS data. It can't be any simpler, and it's great to see where a picture was taken. Here's a sample trail done this way.

3. US Regions

For those who enjoy hiking or mountain biking in Arizona, Utah, California, Colorado or any US state, we've opened up Trailpeak for US regions. Just click USA at the top left, and, then pick a region e.g. Northwest. If you pick Southwest, you'll see lots of great hikes and rides in the canyonlands and cactus laden hills. Planning to visit Fruita or Moab this Spring? It's all mapped out! There are already 250 US trails on trailpeak from Tucson to the Adirondacks and growing.

4. Vote in the MEC Election today!

The Mountain Equipment Co-op election is on. If you’re a MEC member and care about promoting and protecting our valuable outdoors, have your say and vote. TrailPeak has reviewed all of the candidates, and Drew Anderson gets our vote. We like Drew’s experience, his commitment to quality affordable gear, real results on protecting our wild spaces, representing members from across the country, and valuing the contribution of MEC’s top-quality staff. If you are a MEC member, have your say. Vote online in the MEC election today.

5. New Events Mashup

Click our 'search events' button at the top of the site (next to search members) and get a searchable google map of events you can attend this summer. To add your event, click "submit event" once logged into any activity page. For mountain bikers, check out "24 Hourse of Solstice" in Ontario or the "BC Bike Race" starting on Vancouver Island.

6. User tip - Search Trails by Map

If you prefer searching for trails by map, then use our mashup to search for trails in your region. Just go to any activity page (e.g. hiking), and below the text search for trails, you'll see a "search by map" option. Click this map to get a larger google map which you can surf for trails.

7. Monthly Gear Draw

Each month we've been giving away great gear. Just this month, a Sierra Designs tent, and coming up for May, a Lowepro Inverse 100 AW ideal for outdoor photographers, visit our home page to take a look. Our site is entirely free, and, we pay for hosting and support through the premium membership. Your $25 allows us to continue to offer our free service, and qualifies you for 12 great draws throughout the year.

8. Adventuring in Newfoundland

You may have seen our NL editor Ryan (yes he's got Irish blood in him) posting lots of great trails with stunning imagery. This summer, we'll be highlighting some of these great trails in Newfoundland. Gros Morne National park has dozens of hikes, but we've got more than 100 of the best kayak, bike, ski, and hike routes for NL - a free guidebook for NL online! Ryan's username is the "CodFather".

Who Built Trailpeak?

Do you like the kind of maps and google maps work we've done. Let us put you in touch with our developers who are experts in AJAX/javascript, java/PHP, google maps, GPX, XML, mysql and web 2.0. If you need a mashup done for your online project, shoot us an email by clicking contactUs on the footer of

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