Wilderness Advanced First Aid

 Lesson/CourseWhen:  Wed, 27 May '09   Where:   Wawa, ON

Naturally Superior Adventures hosts Wilderness Medical Associates Wilderness First Aid Courses at our Rock Island Lodge on Lake Superior. Wilderness Medical Associates is the largest and most respected wilderness first aid training organization. Since WMA was founded in 1978, its courses have been offered in more than 40 countries around the world. We are pleased to offer WMA's Advanced Wilderness First Aid and Recertification courses.

This course is ideally suited to those that will travel in a context where a hospital may be hours away. The main focus is the prolonged care and stabilization of patients until a rescue team or additional resources can be obtained to help with evacuation. A judgment-based approach in critical thinking to successfully dealing with medical emergencies in a remote setting is applied. Learning Working to improvised equipment and anticipate potential risks to your patient are a major component of this course. Advanced medical techniques learned include anaphylaxis management, spine clearing exam, wound cleaning, and CPR cessation.

Successful graduates of this course may take the Bridge course which will upgrade them to Wilderness First Responder level

Course Highlights

* No prerequisites and includes Heartsaver CPR Long-term care of the sick and injured in a wilderness environment.
* Improvisation skills and patient packaging and evacuation techniques.
* Hands-on training and simulations with theatrical make-up and video feedback.
* Wilderness Medical Protocols including anaphylaxis, Advanced Wound Management, CPR, Spinal Assessment.

Course Target

* Adventure company wilderness guides

* Group leaders and assistants in remote trips

* Participants in unguided wilderness expeditions

* Workers in wilderness areas, including fly-in camps, line workers, park maintenance staff, camp staff, fishing and hunting guides, forestry workers, prospectors, etc

Other Information

Course costs include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day plus beach camping on our site nearby the lodge teaching area. Lodge accommodations are also available at an additional charge. To reserve your space we require a deposit payable by cheque or credit card.

 Dates: Wed, 27 May '09 until Sun, 31 May '09
 Times: 7:00 PM to 4:00 PM

 Meeting Place:

Lake Superior
1 Main St
Wawa, ON
 Fee: no charge

 Phone: (705) 856-2939
 Email: Contact Organizer

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