Sea Kayak Guides Course

 When:  Sun, 7 Jun '09   Where:   Wawa, ON

2009 Dates:
June 5-12 (includes Paddle Canada Level I Skills course) | June 7-12 (Guides’ Course only)
$795 (Includes instruction, equipment, camping, meals and all taxes) | $695 (Guides’ Course only)
Certification: Paddle Canada Level I skills; Association of Eastern Canadian Sea Kayak Outfitters guide certification (Guide-in-Training, Assistant Guide, Full Guide)

Sea kayak guides course on Lake Superior
AECSKO Guides course
Sea kayak leadership course
Become a sea kayak guide

Naturally Superior Adventures’ Sea Kayak Guides’ Course is a sea kayak instruction and leadership certification course designed to provide paddlers and experienced wilderness campers with the skills necessary to guide commercial sea kayak tours on the Great Lakes. This course blends guiding skills with paddling and rescue techniques. Course participants receive a copy of Naturally Superior Adventures’ Sea Kayak Guides’ Manual and Scenarios Handbook.

Our Sea Kayak Guides’ Course is based largely on experiential learning. We spend most of our time on the water and in wilderness campsites; workshops and instructional seminars will be incorporated into a four-day sea kayak trip on Lake Superior. Participants will have the opportunity to lead the group and be responsible for dealing with typical day-to-day and possible emergency scenarios encountered on guided sea kayak tours.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Paddle Canada Level I skills course (included).

Course Length: 7.5 days (72 hours)

Instructor/Student ratio: 1:4. Instruction from certified Paddle Canada instructors and AECSKO Full guides.


1.) Paddle Canada Level I skills
2.) AECSKO Guide-in-Training: three days of trip experience.
3.) AECSKO Assistant Guide: Wilderness First Aid certification and 20 nights of sea kayak tripping.
4.) AECSKO Full Guide: Advanced Wilderness First Aid and 20 nights as Assistant Guide.

Course Textbooks: The Lake Superior Guides' Manual and Scenarios Booklet are included with registration. Both provide a solid set of reference and study notes for course participants. Our Guides' Manual sets the standards for sea kayak leadership on the Great Lakes and is used by several other outfitters. We will refer to the Scenarios Booklet for case studies and based-on-a-true-story simulations.

Course Topics:

* The Professional Guide: AECSKO standards and guidelines

* Judgment, decision making and risk management

* Group dynamics

* Signaling and communication: Aerial and handheld flares and VHF marine radio

* Environmental ethics: Low impact camping and nature interpretation; Parks Canada guidelines

* The coastal environment: Weather, sea state, hazards, tides and currents

* Navigation: Maps and charts, using a compass, stating your position, ranges

* Menu planning, food selection and meal preparation

* Making camp: Tents, tarps, safety and sanitation

* The camp kitchen: Stoves, water treatment and safety

* Group paddling skills and rescues

* Trip incident scenarios

Evaluation: This course is open to participants not seeking certifications and participating as a learning experience. Those participants specifically seeking certification will be evaluated by continuous evaluation of skills, leadership and attitude throughout the course and by a scenario-based written test.

This course is for paddlers with wilderness camping experience looking to improve their leadership and decision making skills. Arrive prepared for a multi-day trip and lots of time on and in the water. Camping gear, paddling tops and wetsuits are provided. Dry tops or dry suits are recommended.

 Dates: Sun, 7 Jun '09 until Fri, 12 Jun '09
 Start Time: 8:00 AM

 Meeting Place:

Lake Superior
1 Main St
Wawa, ON
 Fee: no charge

 Phone: (800) 203-9092
 Email: Contact Organizer

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