Sea Kayak Flatwater/Level I Instructor

 When:  Fri, 12 Jun '09   Where:   Wawa, ON

Description: Become a certified instructor of novice sea kayak skills
Dates: Fri June 12, 7 pm to Tues June 14, 3 pm, 2009
Price: $450 CDN (Includes taxes, equipment and camping)
$550 CDN (Includes taxes, equipment, meals, camping)
$675 CDN (Includes taxes, equipment, meals and double occupancy accommodations at Rock Island Lodge)
Prerequisites: Paddle Canada Level I skills (Flatwater instructor candidates) | PC Level II skills (Level I instructor candidates)
Length: 36 hours over 4.5 days
Ratio: One instructor to six students (minimum two instructors)
Certification: Add $25 for Paddle Canada Level II certification

A certified sea kayak instructor course
Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Instructor's course
Learn to teach sea kayaking skills
This 4.5-day sea kayak instruction course provides participants with information, paddling skills and experience to organize and instruct Paddle Canada Flatwater and Level I programs and courses (administered in Ontario by ORCKA). Successful participants will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of teaching sea kayaking skills to beginner and/or novice paddlers and be able to effectively instruct new paddlers. It provides a starting point for those looking to progress as Paddling Canada sea kayak instructors. It’s all based from our Lake Superior Paddling Centre.

Course Content


Candidates must demonstrate all safety procedures outlined in the Flatwater and Level I curriculums, identify potential hazards in kayaking situations and preventative procedures


Candidates must consistently show “demonstration quality” skills as outlined in the appropriate sea conditions (calm seas, light winds less than 10 knots)


Candidates must demonstrate a thorough understanding of Flatwater and Level I course theory

Teaching and Evaluation: Candidates will demonstrate a knowledge of the following topics as it applies to teaching kayaking: How one learns; conditions of learning; skill, knowledge and attitude areas of learning; goals and objectives; teaching strategies; lesson planning and organization; class management; group dynamics; evaluation techniques; instructor behavior and attitudes; and planning and organizing a Paddle Canada/ORCA sea kayaking course.

Programming and Program Development: Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of the following as they relate to a recreational kayak program in Canada: Paddle Canada/ORCA policies; certification guidelines; organization and management of certified courses; legal and liability issues for an instructor; safety procedures, regulations; equipment choice; teaching sites; scheduling; teaching progressions; kayaking games and activities; and staff management.

Assignment: Candidates will prepare and submit a Paddle Canada Flatwater or Level I course outline.

Course Evaluation: Candidates will be evaluated on their skills, behaviour and general attitude; by written test; and by a minimum of two demonstrations of teaching at the appropriate level (on water and theory)

 Dates: Fri, 12 Jun '09 until Sun, 14 Jun '09
 Times: 7:00 PM to 3:00 PM

 Meeting Place:

Lake Superior
1 Main st
Wawa, ON
 Fee: no charge

 Phone: (800) 203-9092
 Email: Contact Organizer

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