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bowron 3 in a canoe?
posted by: kwasirunsKwasi Diehl )   email this member
Posted Saturday, May 25 at 7:39 AM
Sat, May 25 at 07:39 AM
Regarding trail Bowron Lakes near Quesnel Airport, BC

How difficult/safe would Bowron be with three in a canoe? I have two teenagers and would like to travel together.

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trails page for trailpeakRe: bowron 3 in a canoe?
trailpeak  email this member
Posted Monday, May 27 at 3:44 PM
Mon, May 27 at 03:44 PM
Regarding trail Bowron Lakes near Quesnel Airport, BC near-Quesnel-Airport-BC-248

I have done the Bowron chain, and, on our trip we had two to a rented canoe, and, we had good weather except for a day and night of rain. There are portages, which arguably with 3 would make carrying items easier, however, some of the portages are long and require a few return visits for gear. Regarding 3 in a canoe, I've seen this mostly when there is a smaller person involved, and, either you'd need a somewhat larger canoe (check with the rental groups) and the middle person would just sit as there is no seat. You'd also have to pack smart, possibly with newer lightweight tents / sleepmats / bags, as the extra person would take up space your gear requires in the middle. You don't want to overload a canoe, so if you respect weight limits and perhaps do first a day trip, and another overnighter, and a rental group offers the right canoe and agrees with it (Parks may also have to give their blessing, you may want to check with them). If you do this, use all portages and around all rapids there are white-water sections.

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