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Dewar Creek Hot Springs
posted by: AngieBee   email this member
Posted Monday, Aug 19 at 6:05 PM
Mon, Aug 19 at 06:05 PM
Regarding trail Dewar Creek Hotspring near Kimberley, BC

Just did this hike this weekend.

Was AMAZING! They have completely re-done the hot springs and camping area.
Tenting area was beautiful sitting at the bottom of the Valley. The tent spots were taken so we camped a little closer to the creek. They have 4 lockers to place food and other bear attractants in.

The hot springs now have an efficient drainage system. You can close the drain to fill up the pools and use the cold and hot valve at the top to regulate temperature for the pools to meet your needs for heat. Afterwards we just opened the drain valve, and it drains out keeping the algae and moss down.

They could use some more signage in some areas but for the most part it is fairly simple. We took a screenshot of the map, which helped guide us. The trail is mucky! As it is used by both horses and human, many sections can get rutted out.

It was a good haul, with full packs it took us just short of 4 hours. We also took the wrong turn and ended up going to the cabins, adding to our time.

I would definitely do this hike again, but am grateful we took the time to spend the night. It was great to enjoy the hot pools for the whole day before heading out.

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