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Mt Hkusam
posted by: perro101   email this member
Posted Monday, Mar 21 at 8:04 PM
Mon, Mar 21 at 08:04 PM
Regarding trail Hkusam Mt. near Campbell River, BC

Does anyone know if you can camp up at the top of Mt Hkusam? Is there water up there? What time of year is best? Still snow at the end of April? What is the decent time?

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trails page for toolboxRe: Mt Hkusam
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Posted Tuesday, Mar 22 at 6:09 PM
Tue, Mar 22 at 06:09 PM
Regarding trail Hkusam Mt. near Campbell River, BC ampbell-River-BC-2584

You could definitely bivy up there, setting up a tent might be harder, most likely just down from the summit you could find some level ground for a tent.

Most years the gulley to summit has snow it until maybe Aug\Sept. So you could definitely melt snow, don’t know about any ponds up there. This year you are looking at snow until the end of Aug, April has snow even in a bad year. Decent times vary, good snow year and you could boot ski down in 2 hours on average 3-4 hours. Best time of the year depends on what you like, if you like the snow slope then earlier in the year, usually after the Khusam Klimb endurance race. If you don’t like snow, then August is fine.

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