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tona lake
posted by: logbooms   email this member
Posted Friday, Mar 16 at 10:17 PM
Fri, Mar 16 at 10:17 PM
Regarding trail Tona Lake West near Prince Rupert, BC

I was there over thirty years ago in the dead of winter, the remnants of Emil Blain's cabin were still there, had an enjoyable lunch and headed back to highway. Went in only a short distance past the fast forward to now and I want to go back in. When were you did hike into Tona Lake? did you fish? what wildlife did you encounter, we saw wolves back in the day. there is a small lake to the right of Tona Lake also, very small did you hike to it. Where is the location of the logs with slats on them? surely not into Tona Lake, there isn't a lot of dense brush to go through, maybe 700-900 feet then into the open boggy area near the edges of the lake area. thanks..

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