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Hiking of Comox Glacier and it's area
posted by: Emily   email this member
Posted Monday, Aug 25 at 1:32 AM
Mon, Aug 25 at 01:32 AM
Regarding trail Comox Glacier near Courtenay, BC

After looking for info on the web we started to plan hike to Comox Glacier. Meanwhile, we decided to go to the area for shorter day hikes i,e, Century Sam Lake to get acquainted with terrain. To our disappointment we found all the access roads gated and gates locked. Met with few more disappointed hikers at the gates. The locked gates are owned (as apparently the land behind them) by Timberwest Forest company. Also met some drivers who were passing thru the gate since they had key to the locks from Timberwest. They explained to us that it was because they owe a cabin in the area. BTW, according to the local back country maps there are no other ways to get to the trail heads, only by these roads.
Back home I looked at Timberwest webpage & found out that the only hikers who can obtain the gate key must be members of official hiking club which has appropriate insurance. The company takes an effort to explain why is it so. I do not like that I cannot go hiking there as I do not belong into any of their categories. But I was peeved by the fact that while my hiking visitors from abroad did their homework about these hikes beforehand on hiking websites & also Parks websites & nowhere there was a mention about the locked gates. Strathcona Park advertises it's beauty for hikers on the world wide web(it is good for tourism & local business) & when the hikers come they find out that some of the most beautiful & challenging hikes have it's access cut off by Timberwest gates. So beware, if you plan to hike this beautiful area as you may not be able to get there. If anybody knows a solution, please, let us know. Thanks. August 24, 2014

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trails page for nexprimeRe: Hiking of Comox Glacier and it's area
nexprime  email this member
Posted Friday, Aug 29 at 3:59 AM
Fri, Aug 29 at 03:59 AM
Regarding trail Comox Glacier near Courtenay, BC r-Courtenay-BC-6666

You mention that "all" access roads are gated and locked - presumably the Comox Logging Rd was the first one you tried, which other gates have you encountered?

Have you tried the Port Alberni way? (i.e. Was there a locked gate long that way as well?

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