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Comox Glacier trail
posted by: Chiyou   email this member
Posted Friday, Mar 20 at 9:10 PM
Fri, Mar 20 at 09:10 PM
Regarding trail Comox Glacier near Courtenay, BC

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Hi i hiked the glacier a couple years ago I am planning on going again with some friends at the end of April, I was wondering if the timberwest gate would be open around then as well as whether it‘d be too cold at the end of April. Also last time I went me and my brother were not able to locate the book when we reached the summit, could anyone give me some idea of how to locate it?

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trails page for eagle_and_moleRe: Comox Glacier trail
eagle_and_mole  email this member
Posted Tuesday, Jun 30 at 6:52 PM
Tue, Jun 30 at 06:52 PM
Regarding trail Comox Glacier near Courtenay, BC

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< BR>Did you ever find out about the gate? I want to go this weekend... Do you know where I can find out if it will be open?

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