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Forest locations/terrain/climate/conditions - expert advice needed (please)
posted by: Rear Admiral   email this member
Posted Friday, Dec 30 at 12:23 PM
Fri, Dec 30 at 12:23 PM
I'm not in or from Canada - I'm from Down Under (Australia). I'm new to this....sorry if I'm going about this the wrong way.

For longer than I care to remember, I've absolutely loved "all things Canada". I've driven my family and friends up the wall (and back down again) every time I see, hear (or smell?) anything that remotely resembles Canada. To say that I love Canada is an absurd understatement. Obsessed? Possibly. lol!

But to be a little more specific - Canada's climate, and the type of forested terrain there. More specifically, outdoorsy-type activities like Hiking, BBQ's, picnics, etc. Getting into it even further, I absolutely love the cold weather, along with really dense, lush, green temperate/cold/alpine Rainforests, which I believe are most prevalent in Western Canada. Definitely BC (British Columbia), and possibly Alberta (but not 100% sure on Alberta). The thicker the forests, the better. Also, while I'm no mountaineer, I don't like flats/prairies. I much prefer (at least) "foot hills", if you follow? Hence my reference to BC and Alberta.

I know Canada is well known for it's snow fields, as well as it's forests (love both), but I have some very specific queries. Because of your knowledge and experience, I'm hoping someone can give me some specific information and advice....or at least a starting point. I absolutely accept nobody can offer me any guarantees, but at least a very good guide, or starting point I can work with.

This is the main issue -

I am trying to find out details regarding locations/dates/seasons/months (i.e. when & where), where it may be possible to find really dense, lush, green Canadian the colder months/winter (as I love the cold and despise the heat), but with bits of "patchy" snow. That's the real core of it.
But here's the problem - to the best of my knowledge, BC's forests are at their most lush and green in Summer....which is the season I wish to avoid at all costs.
If I had to choose between the two extremes of either blanketed with snow, or no snow at all....I would prefer blanketed with snow. But surely there must be sections of Rainforest that experience patchy snow during certain times of the year, and are bitterly cold....but still thick, lush, green. I'd prefer to avoid big, open, white snowfields with just a few trees. I want to see dense, lush, greenery while enjoying some serious cold air.
I'm just making a guess at this here, but I'm sort of leaning towards BC in true Winter (December - February), then starting in the low regions, then gradually working up higher and higher into the foot hills of the Rockies til you find the right amount of snow?

In regards to the points above, what advice can you offer in regards to:

Specific forests/names?
Hiking Trails?
Possibly Woodsball fields?

Because I'm only looking for impartial advice at this stage, I do not want to contact any resorts/businesses directly. At least not at this stage.

Please view all the links below to get a really good idea of what I'm looking for:

(Coastal Douglas Firs and Sword Ferns are an absolute must, and lots of both. If these two species aren't there, I ain't interested. And think dense, dense, dense.)

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trails page for trailpeakRe: Forest locations/terrain/climate/conditions - expert advice needed (please)
trailpeak  email this member
Posted Monday, Jan 9 at 2:41 PM
Mon, Jan 9 at 02:41 PM
BC is a good in the Squamish area, lots of what you are looking for -- really anywhere where the coastal elevation goes from 0 to 5,000+ feet. Garibaldi huts (Elfin) etc are great winter. Just get to Squamish and start asking. Many other points of interest, depends how remote you want to get.

trails page for Rear AdmiralRe: Forest locations/terrain/climate/conditions - expert advice needed (please)
Rear Admiral  email this member
Posted Sunday, Jan 15 at 5:14 AM
Sun, Jan 15 at 05:14 AM
Thanks bigtime for your reply - enormously appreciated.

I know that Vancouver Island is a definite hit, but Mainland BC - all the info I've got is just hit and miss....just taking a blind swing. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Squamish and the surrounding areas are absolutely beautiful beyond words, but do they have Coastal Douglas Firs and Western Sword Ferns?

I'm not in Canada, which is why I'm asking all these questions, which I'm sure you can understand.

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