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Golden Ears Trail
posted by: rosy   email this member
Posted Monday, Feb 6 at 3:03 AM
Mon, Feb 6 at 03:03 AM
In answer to the question I would say lots of people do hike Golden Ears and camp at Alder Flats.Then they hike to the emergency shelter and either return to Alder Flats or stay up and camp at the emergency shelter. It took me about 2 hours to Alder Flats or a bit less and then another 4 to the top.
I hiked the whole thing in one day because time was short and I don't like camping alone. The first time it took 13 hours, the second time I did it in 12 hours, but it is much more enjoyable to take your time.
Remember though I couldn't get past all the snow on my first 3 attempts so leave it until near the end of August when the most snow has melted or take crampons. Some years, like last year most of the snow melted but on other years the snow can be an obstacle.

if you want to go up with me I would love to hike it again -

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