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Panther Lake Salmo B.C.
posted by: Loviegal   email this member
Posted Thursday, Mar 24 at 10:57 PM
Thu, Mar 24 at 10:57 PM
Regarding trail Panther Lake near Salmo, BC

About 12km in there is a major spur on your right (with a bridge across Waldie Creek) featuring a wilderness campsite and the way to Waldie Lake trail.

This is on the write up for Panther lake. Just to let you know this is wrong. It is not a wilderness campsite but private property. I know because I own it. My husband and I have 106 acres here and live here full time.

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trails page for DakRe: Panther Lake Salmo B.C.
Dak  email this member
Posted Saturday, Apr 2 at 9:33 PM
Sat, Apr 2 at 09:33 PM
Regarding trail Panther Lake near Salmo, BC

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< BR>Interesting post - yes, there is private property along the road toward the Panther Lake turnoff. You forgot to mention that there is a Road and Road Right-of-Way Easement through that property, which allows the general public to use that section of road to travel to the Panther Lake trail head.

The only wilderness campsite I know of past the Waldie Lake turnoff is the one near the Panther Lake trail head, which is located on Crown Land.

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