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by: Corbie56 Sat Sep 17 01:07:27 UTC 2011    
Mount Becher 4560' or 1390m
(Wood Mountain Trail)

Hike date: Sunday August 21, 2011

It is a bright and sunny day and my brother and nephew are on a 4,000 foot trek to Mt. Becher. Great views of the Comox Glacier and the Comox Lake. Three giant steps up the ski lift slopes to the Big T lift. The climb is moderate and with proper climbing boots with the high ankle is preferred or you might just cut up the soles of your Black Reebok shoes from stepping upon the many rocks on this journey.

The real climb starts after navigating the rockface just to left and adjacent to the fast flowing creek just to your right when ascending.... Three hours up to the peak and two hours down to the old Wood mountain ski Lodge. (1996) On a good days you can see Boston falls! and just below the mountain is Boston Lake.

Watch your step as you approach the summit as there are still 2 to 3 feet snow drifts near the very top! Great time for throwing snowballs or getting that cold one down your back! You still need ski poles to guide you to the flat domed top of Mt. Becher... we almost made it but the weather can change very quickly here in moments in fact..... so we turned back just 200 m from the top. Up here, you can see clearly, the Mount Washington skiing trails and with records snowfalls this year it can really stand out amongst the big bright blue sky.

This is my third climb up to Syd's cabin marker (1930) and Mt. Becher; the first being in 2004, 2005 and again this year.

What wonderful open spaces looking towards Puntledge River and the Coastal mountains (easterly) and maybe a great walk by Boston Ridge way..... This used to be the old Quartz Creek Mountain back in 1926, according to local historians from the Comox Valley region.

My black Reebok runner's survived the test but my woollen socks did the trick to keep my feet dry..... Watch out for any rocks during the last 150 m or so as this is when you could get injured due to tiredness and being light headed... whilst dancing on your last rock!

Bring at least 1.5 litres of water and grapes as they are refreshing and keep you energized.... The great Blue Camas and especially the Indian Paintbrush flower are edible and sweet and are in abundance along the lower stretches of the trail. Oh, I did forget the black juicy cherries that Iain, I might add concealed from the writer very cunningly.

So many thanks to my nephew, Eric and brother Iain for your support in encouraging me to hike to the best of my current ability and I must say I enjoyed this momentous climb by the Cameron family.... I put forth a challenge for the Davis family to complete this trek in the next year. So ambie and isaac and Tanya ....go for it during 2012! You can take Bell with you to help you navigate those snow patches on the outer reaches of the trek. So get on your bikes and please watch out for the black bears in the area!

What lies beneath this Mount Becher? Only the future can hold that answer. Probably Quartz?

The hike is approximately 11km after driving 30 minutes from Courtenay. Using the former old ski lodge at (685 m) we climb another 700 meters to the flat domed shaped top of Mt. Becher.

By the way Ben Nevis in Scotland is 1344m or 4409 feet! so about 41 meters shorter in elevation.

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