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I'm a born and bred East Coast gal who has always enjoyed my escape to the outdoors when not working or raising my wonderful two teenaged boys. I live in a small seaside town not far from Halifax NS and have had the privilege of exploring my province extensively over the years. I've also spent some time traveling through the rest of the Maritime provinces and a few other places much further from home like Alaska or Mexico. Mostly I enjoy hiking and camping but in recent years have tried backpacking and discovered that I really LOVE it (despite my fear of the wilderness at night). My goal this summer is to spend more time on my mountain bike, try sea kayaking and discover some new trails. Hopefully my kids and husband will be willing to come along for the ride. I also enjoy photography, writing, rockhounding, travelling, scuba diving and sketching. For me, nothing beats the thrill of an outdoor adventure and if I'm anything like my parents, I'll be setting up tents well into my 70's and beyond. Cheers!

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From: Halifax,NS     36-45   female
Favorites:  Hiking, Snowshoeing, Canoeing
Learning:  Sea Kayaking

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by: Matthew_the_explorer Sun Apr 04 03:04:51 UTC 2010       email this member
Fairy Hole Hiking Trail

Wow! What a good read. It made me do some research on the area and I am really interesting in checking this out. Thanks for posting!

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