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An explorer at heart, I started taking hiking seriously in the spring of 2010. Before that I was mostly into mountain biking but discovered an incompatibility between my strong desire to explore places I had never been before and my distaste for technical bike routes full of rocks and roots, hence the conversion to foot power! For me, hiking is all about exploration and discovery. If a trail has unique features or breathtaking scenery I'm all for it. For now I am strictly a day hiker, accompanied always by my faithful sidekick, Lacey the wonder-dog. I'd love to find a human hiking buddy for some deeper back country excursions that just aren't safe going solo.

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by: The Happy Wanderer Thu May 19 21:19:12 UTC 2011       email this member
Hey buddy been a while since we talked :)

Did an waterfalls in the spring time? Myself I've went and done 6 new ones on horse pasture brook :)

by: smburt Sun May 02 23:24:13 UTC 2010       email this member
I took the average between your experience and the author's. Hopefully I'll visit next week and put my value on it.

shannon Burt

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