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A big hello from the rock! I'm working hard to show what the province of Newfoundland & Labrador has to offer. If you plan on visiting my neck of the woods or if you have any questions just drop me a line:

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From: Gros Morne,NF     26-35   male
Favorites:  Sea Kayaking, Canoeing, Back Country Skiing
Learning:  River Kayaking

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by: TheCodfather Fri Jun 10 15:43:47 UTC 2011    
Just had a wonderful day on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula paddling with Icebergs!!!

by: TheCodfather Mon Jun 28 17:40:09 UTC 2010    
Seems like I have been neglecting this blog again. Summer is here in western Newfoundland and I'm gearing up for a great adventure season. I have taken the summer off from kayak guiding in order to map out as many trails as I can! And don't forget about our NL Summer Promotion!

by: TheCodfather Sun Dec 13 15:39:07 UTC 2009    
Been a while since I wrote here but the snow has been falling on western Newfoundland for nearly a week! 60+cm and counting. Looks like another great ski season on the way!

by: TheCodfather Thu Jul 30 00:19:18 UTC 2009    
Well I'm back on the east coast after a fun and succesful paddle canada level 2 sea kayaking course with the Newfoundland Kayak Company in beautiful Gros Morne National Park. I really learned alot and had a great time working with some of the best paddlers in the country. Be on the lookout for some great trip reports from my recent week in Gros Morne.

by: TheCodfather Mon Jul 20 22:35:42 UTC 2009    
Hi adventurers! I'm 2 days in to my level 2 sea kayaking course with the Newfoundland Kayak Company. I've been learning lots and having lots of fun....even had some whales! Gros Morne is beautiful this time of year! I foresee a great week of paddling ahead!

by: TheCodfather Tue Jun 30 22:07:17 UTC 2009    
Hmmm...been neglecting this I have. Lots of paddling in June with my guide job in Cape Broyle, NL...hoping to do some camping soon and part of the east coast trail...stay tuned

by: TheCodfather Mon May 11 12:42:21 UTC 2009    
Well the South Coast of Newfoundland is an amazing place. I had a great time traveling this shangri-la. My one concern is that the trip was too rushed, not allowing for as much exploration around the communities as I would have liked. During the trip I visited six isolated communities that you could only get to by boat or by helicopter! I'd really like to get back with a few weeks to kill and really do some exploring. Keep an eye out for an upcoming article on Trailpeak!

by: TheCodfather Sun May 03 02:32:40 UTC 2009    
I will be leaving tommorow morning on a trip across the south coast of Newfoundland by coastal boat . The five day trip from Rose Blanche to Bay L'Argent will bring me by to some of the most isolated communities in the province. The trip should offer plenty of free time for some day hiking and scouting for future trips to this unknown coast. You can track the progress of the trip by checking my SPOT Satellite Messenger Page:

by: TheCodfather Mon Apr 13 14:55:52 UTC 2009    
Well the snow is melting here in western Newfoundland and I am looking forward to another summer of adventure on the rock. I'm hoping to spend some time traveling around the province before the paddling gets hectic in July. If anyone wants to suggest a route to me drop me a line!

by: TheCodfather Sat Feb 07 15:07:15 UTC 2009    
Holy Snow...We've been buried here in Western Newfoundland so far this winter...too much snow to do much with, unfortunaly. I went for a snowshoe in the woods near my house the other day and ended up in snow to my armpits, even with my big ole 7 series atlas shoes! Been waiting for a good day to take in a nice ski, hope it comes soon!

Also came across this video that was taken by the CTC during a photo shoot in Cape Broyle this past summer.

by: TheCodfather Mon Jan 12 15:14:50 UTC 2009    
The snow continues to fall and we have three to four feet of snow in some areas around Corner Brook. I got out for my first snow-shoe of the season yesterday, not much really, just a 1km loop around the woods near my house. It was great to get out though, and the hills are making me wish my skis would hurry up and get here! I look forward to another great winter here in Western Newfoundland.

by: TheCodfather Fri Jan 09 18:34:48 UTC 2009    
Hey All. Happy Holidays to all you adventurers out there! It's been a while since i bothered with my blog, mainly because of my lack of action over the past few months. The weather has not been to kind down here on the rock lately but i'm happy to report that we recieved more than 30cm of snow followed by 10mm of rain followed by another 10cm of snow iand with more in the forecast. Combine this with the new tele skis i just picked up on ebay and i think i'm ready to get back in action. Don't know how many new trails i'll get up this winter but i just picked up a new camera so there should be lots of new pics on many of my old posts.

I'm hoping to get down to Gros Morne in late feb-early march for some ski touring around the park, especially in the tablelands so stay tuned...

also stay tuned for a list of ski events set for this winter on the rock as well as some upcoming paddle info for the spring!



by: TheCodfather Tue Sep 23 19:25:30 UTC 2008    
Well the paddling has been slow over the last two weeks, but the weather has been good. September has been cool but clear and I have taken the opportunity to explore the many trails in and around St. John's. First I hiked around Quidi Vidi Lake and around the Gut to where the trail meets with both the East Coast Trail and the White Hills mountain biking trails. Next was Flat Rock River with its numerous waterfalls and excellent ocean views. Finally I traversed both the Rennie's River and Long Pond Trails that run through the center of the city. These are some great short trails that deserve a look whenever visiting the St. John's area.

Looks like this will be my last week here on the Avalon. I'll be back in Corner Brook next week waiting for the snow!

by: TheCodfather Mon Sep 08 00:18:06 UTC 2008    
Back in St. John's again and waiting for all of these hurricanes to pass. Looks like its going to be a rainy fall!

by: TheCodfather Mon Sep 01 22:01:12 UTC 2008    
September 1st is the true end of summer in the guiding industry, but it comes as a blessing and a curse. The tourists thin out and work gets slower, meaning i wont be on the water everyday but on the other hand I'll finally have the time to do some exploring on my own (both in the boat and on the East Coast Trail). I'm hoping for a busy fall, I just hope the weather co-operates. For now I'm going to Corner Brook for the next 3 days so check back on Friday for details of my latest adventure!

by: TheCodfather Sat Aug 30 00:50:46 UTC 2008    
What a day!! All of my tours were canceled today due to rain, fog, and NE wind so me and my 4 co-workers went for a long awaited paddle. We had some big swells and some great surf spots and we spent hours picking through the rock gardens and gaps that line the shore of Cape Broyle Harbour. We paddled all the way out into the open ocean into some nice 3m swells before turning for home. It was pitch back when we finally hauled out at the beach. It was my best paddling day of the season so far, but with the fall setting in there should be some big sea days to come!

by: TheCodfather Wed Aug 27 23:01:39 UTC 2008    
Had a lot of fun today practicing rolls and rescues with my co-workers. At one point my rear hatch was filled with water and I was doing some wild wheelies! Its always great to get out and have some fun.

by: TheCodfather Tue Aug 26 12:21:49 UTC 2008    
Another couple of great paddling days behind me this week but the forecast is saying rain for the next few. The summer is beginning to wind down now but i'm looking forward to having some time to explore on my own a bit. I love working as a guide but it is a very demanding job that doesn't allow you to do much else for a few months each year.

by: TheCodfather Sat Aug 23 22:19:49 UTC 2008    
Hey all, i've been neglecting my blog as of late in lieu of doing some paddling and camping on my own. I decided to take to Cape Broyle Harbour and do some serious testing with my SPOT and my new camping gear (which you can win remember!). I had a great time, but it looks like i'll have to wait a while longer to embark on any multi-day trips, at least until my guiding job begins to wind down in September. Stay tuned, as some great paddling routes are soon to come!

by: TheCodfather Sun Aug 03 21:56:33 UTC 2008    
Had a chance to explore the north shore of Cape Broyle today. There is quite a bit of interesting geology along the route and lots of wildlife including a Bald Eagle nest. It is a great paddle that I hope to do again soon.

Its been 11 Days in a row for me at my guiding job and i'm looking forward to paddling some new areas as soon as I get the time off so check my blog and my SPOT page daily for updates.

by: TheCodfather Wed Jul 30 21:19:30 UTC 2008    
Another great paddle today through Cape Broyle Harbour, and another Humpback sighting. He stayed about 30 feet away this time but it was still amazing. I can't wait till next week when I explore more of the Irish Loop coastline!

by: TheCodfather Wed Jul 30 03:14:02 UTC 2008    
Today may have been the most amazing day of my life. I had my kayak to within 10 feet of a curious young Humpback who hung around my group for about half an hour before moving on to continue feeding on the huge schools of Capelin now entering the harbour to spawn. I was so close I could see down his huge blowhole ! Two of my clients had the adventure of a lifetime when the same whale surfaced just a foot away from their boat! We saw 5 whales in total, 3 Humpbacks and 2 Minkes as well as hundreds of Puffins.

by: TheCodfather Mon Jul 28 23:18:47 UTC 2008    
WOW, what a great day of paddling today. Forget what I said about the whales being gone, as I managed to get to within about 25 meters of a mother Humpback and her calf as they were herding Capelin. These giants never cease to amaze me with their gentle grace. Besides the whales I also spent some time exploring a couple of sea caves and an amazing arch. It was an absolutely stunning day.

by: TheCodfather Mon Jul 28 01:03:37 UTC 2008    
Great weekend of paddling, although it looks like the whales are all but gone for this year. Just 1 Humpback, but it was still an amazing experience that i'll never forget. Looks like i'll be quite busy guiding tours for the rest of the week, so be sure to track me on my SPOT page.

by: TheCodfather Fri Jul 25 03:29:23 UTC 2008    
After being hung on dry land after 4 days of rain and wind i put in a nice 6 1/2 hour paddle today of Cape Broyle Harbour. Great conditions and great to be back on the water. Can't wait till early August when I'll be doing an Epic kayak adventure along the Avalon Peninsula. Don't forget to follow my on my SPOT page!

by: TheCodfather Sun Jul 20 00:54:06 UTC 2008    
Just thought i'd quickly add that I have been a little humbled by the ocean as of late. Paddling out here is quite different than I am used to on the west coast of Newfoundland or in PEI. The sea here is just so powerfull, and even on the best of days if you lose respect you get wet (or worse).

by: TheCodfather Sun Jul 20 00:41:40 UTC 2008    
Great paddle today and my first Humpback! I have been waiting all summer to see one of these majestic creatures! I paddled to the tip of Cape Broyle, enjoying multitudes of Puffin's, Kittiwake's, Guillimot's, and Murre's along the way as well as a few nice caves and of course my Humpback whale!

You can check out the route on my SPOT page.

by: TheCodfather Mon Jul 14 22:58:56 UTC 2008    
Another great day on the water, but I am becoming discouraged with the lack of whales on our tours. I've saw plenty of Minke's, but the majestic Humpback remains elusive.

I made a new paddling friend today and I am hoping to be able to do some trips in Placentia bay before the summer is out, possibly even kayaking around the ecological reserve at Cape St. Mary's. I'm still a little intimidated at the sheer ruggedness of the coastline out here but i'm looking forward to some great trips over the next month or so.

by: TheCodfather Sun Jul 13 23:51:18 UTC 2008    
Back on the water today with a great paddle to the end of Cape Broyle Harbour. It was a little intimidating sitting in my kayak at the edge of the 9km fjord, knowing that if i kept paddling i wouldn't hit land again until Europe! It was a great trip! Stay tuned for a complete report and remember to check my SPOT page every day to track my adventures!

by: TheCodfather Fri Jul 11 15:04:30 UTC 2008    
Second day in a row that I have been waylaid by high winds. Forecast says nice weather for the next week so hopefully i'll be back on the water tommorow!

by: TheCodfather Tue Jul 08 22:46:33 UTC 2008    
Hi Adventurers. After an agonizing week without the internet, i am back online and ready to share my adventures with you. I've spent the past few weeks paddling the rugged coast of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula, sharing the bright sunshine with icebergs, whales, and seabirds. I'm looking forward to a great summer guiding with Stan Cook Sea Kayak Adventures!

I've also had an opportunity to try out my SPOT device. I've had it strapped to the deck of my kayak for the last week, mapping my progress as I explore Canada's easternmost province.

To track me as i roam the wild waters of Newfoundland visit my SPOT page at:

by: TheCodfather Sat Jun 28 18:36:19 UTC 2008    
Hey all, summer is finally begining to break out here on the rock and i'm getting exited about spending the next few months in St. John's - The City at the End of the World - I've been paddling with icebergs over the past few weeks and planning and epic adventure along the very edge of North America on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. I'll also be doing some serious testing with my SPOT device over the next couple of weeks so be sure to check my SPOT page and follow my adventures around the rock!

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