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Favorites:  Hiking, Sea Kayaking, Mountain Biking
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by: smburt Fri May 15 12:19:22 UTC 2009    
Headed to Kenomee Canyon this long weekend, and then checking out the new cape to cape trail section that just opened near Pictou. Have a great one!

by: smburt Sun Nov 30 17:48:56 UTC 2008    

by: smburt Sun Nov 30 17:47:23 UTC 2008    

by: smburt Sun Nov 30 17:45:27 UTC 2008    
<table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" /></a></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-size:11px; text-align:right">From <a href="">Nov08 kayaking</a></td></tr></table>Well, it wasn't the calm blue ocean I was expecting, but we made it out, and paddled for a couple of hours out in North Rustico. Thank god for the gear like poggies and dry tops!

by: smburt Sat Nov 29 16:50:56 UTC 2008    
End ov November

Well another weekend, and debating on how best to take advantage of some free time. Christmas party saturday night, kids to look after, that leaves sunday morning free. With the season back in transition, it's too warm for any ice, and still too much residual snow around to go mtn biking.

With calm weather in the forcast, I tihnk I'll go kayaking! I've connected with my buddy Ian, and have put out requests for invites to others. I'm suggesting North Rustico, and paddle the coast line toward Orby Head.
It's a great way to slip into December!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Tue Nov 25 03:13:23 UTC 2008    
Well, mtn biking has ended for the time being. I did manage to get out on xc skis on Saturday, but it was a quick go around the yard. My sights are locked on Christmas break now, and returning to the Chic Chocs. Menu has been planned, and again, I'm going to be carrying a lot of the gear. No shuttle run this time.

got my mind on ice as well, and am hoping to do some recon at Orby head next sunday morning if the sub 0 temps remain. Maybe not likely with wednesday and Thursday's precip.

by: smburt Fri Nov 14 21:33:50 UTC 2008    
Rainy weekend awaits but plans are at least in the wings...

Standard Mtn biking sunday morning, but this time it should be interesting. Starting out in strathgartney, and moving on to Bonshaw trail via st. catherine's road. All that, and back again.

hope to do some kayaking on sunday too if the weather improves. Ian MacAdam foresees his kayak as finished in time. We'll see. The rain may buy him some time!

On a more distant note, the life-list trip for my upcoming March break of skiing the Wapta traverse has completed yet another planning step. Air plane ticket has been bought, and now the huts have been booked thanks to trevor, one of Trailpeak's Alberta's co-editors. Even have my pick up and drop off arranged. (thanks Gord!) It's all coming together!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Tue Nov 04 01:31:34 UTC 2008    
Hey our first snow event!

I was taking part in our weekly sunday morning mtn bike ride when a snow squal settled in for about 20 minutes. Like ice pellets. I LOVE the snow. It amounted long enough to take a photo. Funny how the snow collects on the trail more than anywhere else. Still, tons of grip, and a great ride. Only one spill.

by: smburt Tue Oct 14 12:06:30 UTC 2008    
Just returned from Northern NB for Thanksgiving, and again, what a terrific weekend! Rich fall color, cool days, and terridic trails.

I visited Mt. Carleton Provincial park on Saturday, and did an near epic hike. I started at the trailhead to Mt. Carleton loop, and after topping out on the mtn itself, turned my attention to Mt. Head and Mt. Sagamook. The mt head trail took me along toward the Sagamook loop where I was able to take in the look off over Nictau lakes, before running out of time, and backtracking back to the jeep. I had the dog with me, and he managed tremendously over the talus and scree fields in the area.

The next day, we did our classic morning mtn bike ride of Shiktahawk River trail, and later that day found a new trail on a small hill of a mtn just outside of Florenceville called Pinnacle. The trail is only a ten to fifteen minute hike up, but is steep without many switchbacks. the views at the top are well worth the bit of effort to summit. Might be a challenge come winter if I try to snowshoe it. We'll see! :~)

I must repeat myself in saying that for those who live in this part of New Brunswick, between Woodstock and Grand falls, there are nearly a dozon quality adventures worth doing come a long weekend, year round. Twenty minutes before Woodstock is the Maliseet Trail with its beginners waterfall for ice climbing, Moose mtn near Bath, the Shikahawk trail and river, Piccacle trail, Ice climbing at Grand Falls, and the trails near the top of Glassville called Dingee's trail, and then the collective trail uphoria in Mt. Carleton just to name a few. I havn't even begin to list what's just across the border into Maine!

shannon burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Sat Sep 20 14:38:18 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update

Mid September, and I'm helping to train some high school students for a canoe trip. We've picked a perfect time for incoming tide, and a constriction at a bridge crossing to practice ferrying and eddie turns. We'll be at North River causeway, and I'll be having my SPOT in tracking mode. I expect that you;ll see several spirals given the loops I plan to make. The last weekend we'll be headed to the St. Croix river for a two night trip, and that will wrap up the SPOT the adventure event for me. But don't worry, the adventure will continue with fall and winter trips still in the planning stages.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Sep 11 10:34:00 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:
Well, that was a nasty weekend, especially Sunday, when I decided not to go cycling the second leg of the event. Can you say tropical storm Hanna? My city got 89mm of rain.

Even on saturday, the winds were very strong, and keeping up for me that day was tough.

Not much is happening until likely the end of the month, when we take a group of high school students on the St. Croix River.

We'll be running SPOT for the ride up, as well as the two day canoe run, and the ride back, so expect to see some blips on the road!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Fri Sep 05 21:14:15 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Update:

Well, probably the last cycling event this summer. North Cape Cycle ride is a two day adventure, totaling 186K on the West end of PEI. It's a road ride, and I'll be packin' my SPOT device to track my progress.

Check me out on SPOT!

There's rumor of a hurricane passing through, so I do expect to get somewhat wet. Oh well.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Fri Aug 22 12:02:13 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:
Today is not an adventure into the wilderness, but a long road ride along one of PEI's race legs from back in June's Tour de PEI woman's cycling race.

I'll be checking in with Spot checks periodically. In total, the race leg is 120K long, plus I have to cycle 20K to get back home, making the total 140K. I expect to do it in under 6 hours. It's a beautiful day, with next to no winds right now, and temp wise, will get up to 26 degrees, and 15 K winds from the SW. With plenty of sunscreen and hydration, I should be fine!

Shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Aug 21 13:54:16 UTC 2008    
Team Spot update:
Well, I can feel the season is in transition. More wind, and a bit of cooler weather has been visiting us over the past few days.

Today, taking a break from watching the Olympics, we're trying for kayaking on the Boughton River. Winds are a bit high at 35 right now, but they should die down a bit later. I hope the land around it creates a decent enough buffer. Anyway, if it's too windy, we don't have to commit. I'll be paddling with my friend Scott's dad, John.

Boughton River is about 56K from here in Ch'town, and is very close by the Boughton river trail near Bridgetown.

Find us on SPOT!

Shannon Burt

by: smburt Mon Aug 18 17:02:50 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:

Well, we made it to Cape Split on Saturday, after a ton of driving, and debating whether or not to go due to the rain. We went, and had a great time of it. What rain that fell, never hit the ground under the trees!

Today, I'm taking an easy mtn bike ride, hopefully finding that the shade keeps me cool enough. Off to Appin Road in the West side.
Find it on SPOT.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Aug 14 22:04:37 UTC 2008    
Well, that was a blast. Got home just around 6:30, and still need to unpack the jeep. The dog outlasted me today. All told, I mtn biked 24K, and the other guys mtn biked 27. I lagged behind nearing the end, and instead of trying to sort out where they went, and confounding the issue, I lillydipped the trail system near the trailhead until they returned.

Second best part of the trip was the cows ice cream on the ferry ride home!

This weekend, I will be headed back to NS to stay at Irwin Lake Challets, near the center of the province, which will be our basecamp for two nights. We hope to do some paddling for a new post possibly, and then doing some already posted hikes.

Cape Split will be our Saturday's venture up along the Fundy coast, and then on our way home, we'll revisit Kenomee Canyon back in Economy, on the opposite side of Fundy's water.

Shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Aug 14 09:37:20 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Update:
Well, nearly set to go, just first morning eating and packing, and then off to Scotsburn, Nova Scotia where the Fitzpatrick trail resides.
Myself and three others are headed there this morning via the ferry. Og, Detroit is coming, and I hope he can keep up! 4 legs good, two wheels more fun!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Tue Aug 12 11:47:06 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Update:

I goofed. I forgot my spot messenger yesterday, so no map data to show. Today, I'm mountainbiking this morning before it rains this afternoon. I'm headed to Appin Road in the Bonshaw area. There will be tree cover, so I won't have tracking on, but I will do some check-ins.

On thursday, I'm planning on visiting Fitzpatrick Mountain trail in NS to mountain bike. It's a great trail system, and I can't wait.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Mon Aug 11 16:08:17 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Update:
I'll be paddling around in Charlottetown Harbour this afternoon with some friends. Nothing too exciting, but maybe I'll try to put up a photo when I get back. you'll be able to find me on the SPOT map page.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Sun Aug 10 19:10:05 UTC 2008    

by: smburt Sun Aug 10 19:04:17 UTC 2008    

by: smburt Sun Aug 10 18:51:46 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Update:

Cycle trip primer:

My wife has been wanting to try cycle touring for a few years now, but is afraid to cycle out on the road, so I knew of a campground near Tracadie right on the Canada trail. It was less than 30K from home, and was also on route to the Trail Side Cafe where we planned to visit for supper later in the evening.

We left late at 4 PM, and everything went tickity-boo. Got to the trail-side right at our reservation time, and set up camp earlier on.

It was a great trip with no rain going or returning. What kind of luck is that?

-shannon Burt, east coast editor.
I'll try to post a pic.

by: smburt Fri Aug 08 20:53:17 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:

OK, another check-off from my summer list of things to do. Paddle New London Bay.

I had a trip to summerside early in the afternoon, so I loaded up the kayak and decided to check it out on my way back. Often it's pretty windy there, so this was purly on speculation. Turned out that it was a great day to paddle New London Bay.

I had my wife's boat which weathercocks a bit, plus, I forgot the wrench for my Lendal Paddle, so as I was paddling back, not only did I have to deal with fighting a boat to stay straight, but also deal with a paddle that's feather setting was ever changing. Luckely the boat would edge well to make it track better, and the crank shaft aspect of the blade shafts would force the blade to the right setting once planted in the water. Never the less, it made for some heavy concentration! I think I will keep the wrench in my pfd instead of in my boat.

shannon Burt

by: smburt Mon Aug 04 13:42:44 UTC 2008    

by: smburt Mon Aug 04 13:40:09 UTC 2008

OK, I'm just experimenting here with placing images in my blog...

by: smburt Mon Aug 04 13:36:26 UTC 2008 Yesterday was a great hike, practically between the rain drops. It's steady rain today, but will try to make it out somewhere again.

Dogs are a great excuse to get outdoors!


by: smburt Sun Aug 03 17:28:50 UTC 2008    
Spot team update:

We're back home for a few days and its been raining steady since yesterday.
The dog needs a hike so we're off to the bonshaw area for a little hike. Find us on spot!

by: smburt Fri Jul 25 23:09:40 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:

Well folks, I'm taking a break from packing to update you on what's coming up.

We're back to NB for the next week to poke around the coast of Fundy. For this weekend, we'll be in the Fundy National Park for some day hiking and a night of camping. We also hope to paddle the famous "pots" which are a set of sea stacks that at low tide, you can walk around, and at mid to high tide, you can paddle around to explore. We hope to do the paddling.

This all leads up to the big event; The Fundy Foot Path!

Monday, will have us leave from St. Martins and likely settle in at Cradle Brook for our first night. If you look at the photos from the listed link, you'll see some of the scenes along the way. The Rock, a cable foot bridge, and the long steep descent into cradle brook. Boy will our feet be tired after day 1.

Day 2 will have us head toward more coastline. The main attraction if we have time will be the Eye of the Needle, a waterfall with a hole in the rock formation. Hope we have time! After that, it's a whole new trail for me!

Day 3 is unknown territory for me until we hopefully reach our first tidal estuary crossing. The Bay of Fundy is one of the homes of the world's highest tides, where the water level rises and falls up to 55 feet twice a day. It's best to time those river crossings right!

Day 4 will have us cross our final river, and land us at the border of Fundy national Park where we will hike the Goose River trail back to civilization and a ride home. We, by then will welcome a change of clothes and a shower!

Find our Progress on our SPOT the Adventure page. Look for it!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Fri Jul 18 21:14:17 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update

well folks I didnt have working access to my blog until now. I got into Halifax by traveling from Moncton to Five Islands in Economy nova scotia. Its a place that will have you torn between hiking and kayaking. I opted to kayak around the little pile of islands and was truely rewarded.

Getting into Halifax that same Wednesday I settled in and planned for a paddle out in blue rocks near lunnenburg. With fog coming and going choosing to cross the bay was hire an adventure it opens wide to the ocean, though the water temps were not that bad. The fun was in the huge swells. (100 m periods at about 5 feet height)

I paddled towards a park called The Ovens where the waves were crashing on the rocks. Didnt want to get too close!

Well I'm off for a week. I may get some evening paddling in, we'll see.

Its been a great maritime road trip. I biked, climbed and paddled in NB, and paddled some great coast lines in near Halifax and the bay of Findy. In pei I had been steady with hiking biking and paddling on a routine basis. The break will be great to spend with family and get some writing done. I'll put here what new wnteries I post as the week rolls out.

My epic trip this summer will finally be the fundy foot path coming up on the 28th of July. Look for it on Spot the adventure.
-Shannon burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Wed Jul 16 12:00:50 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:

Well it's my last day in NB. Day one took us to Hilsboro to mountain bike, and later to sea kayak in Shediac. It was only for a half hour paddle, but it was enough to satisfy the urge.

Yesterday was an awesome day out in Welsford, home of NB's climbing meca. The three of us managed to climb from 2 til just after 7pm with three climbs each.

On leaving NB today and headed for NS. I'll stop by the Economy region to document some of the day hikes. After that, I'll be off to Halifax for the rest of the week. You can find it all on our Findmespot page!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

PS Many thanks to Mike Delaney and his awesome family for putting me up (and putting up with me) for the past three days!

by: smburt Mon Jul 14 18:18:56 UTC 2008    

Day one of my maritime road trip. I'm in Moncton, and am about to head out with Michael to Hillsborough, the site of Moncton's popular mountain biking trails. Find it on FIND ME SPOT. Also for the next couple of days I'll be climbing and kayaking if the weather cooperates!


shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Fri Jul 11 15:40:37 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update

I'm almost inthe deep woods of northern NB, where there's nothing but dial up internet access. Consequently, this blog entry will be short and to the point. Today, I'm recovering from a long drive up, and will take the mtn bike and dog to the Shiktahawk trail just down the road. It's a great ride that runs along the river of the same name. Hopefully the bugs won't eat me alive!

My Grand Mesa Tent arrived yesterday from Kelty. Set it up this morning, and found I was impressed a with a few of its features. I really liked the tiered pockets psitioned in the front corners of the tent by the door. It's evidence of some thought being put into how to live effentiently in small spaces. Such is camping life!

Tomorrow I hope to cross into Maine and hike Deboullie mountain in Northern Maine. Look for it on SPOT. Caio,

east coast editor

by: smburt Wed Jul 09 12:38:08 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Check in:

I'm headed up the West River today, leaving at around 10AM from Charlottetown. Crossing the harbour and paddling up into the opening of the West River toaward Bonshaw. Check out the SPOT track I will be recording as I go along.

There's a report of increased winds later on in the day, so I may need to turn around early. We'll see. I'll try to post some pix on the blog when I return.

-shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Mon Jul 07 19:36:29 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:

The roll went without a hitch. Nice way to cool off!

I learned the other day that if you right mouse button on the track list to the left, you can get an option for an elevation profile. Not so interesting here in the east, but out west, it's pretty cool to see the elevation changes these guys are doing.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Mon Jul 07 15:52:23 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Check in:

Too hot today! Peaking at 29 degrees. I find I don't like the heat so much.

I went to Strathgarteney to mtn bike, and to put some time in on some of the more difficult sections of the outlying trail to some success. There are two particularly difficult climbs, made so because of roots and rocks. I spent about 20 minutes on one climb, descending OK, but a tough climb. I made it almost to the top, so it's coming. I found yet another climb shortly after that I simply didn't have the energy to tackle. Another day I guess.

This afternoon I plan on kayaking with a friend just out in Charlottetown harbour. Maybe I'll do a successful wrap up roll this time. I'll keep you posted. I won't mind getting wet with the heat.

Planning a road ride tomorrow. Boring to look at, but long rides are an essential part of summer!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Sat Jul 05 20:53:28 UTC 2008    
Sunday morning: (July 6th)
Team SPOT update:

I'll be headed to Brookvale to mtn bike with the PEI gang in the morning,

and will either be headed for a long road ride or a paddle in the afternoon. Check it out on SPOT! You're more likely to see me in the afternoon, than in the morning, but will have it tracking anyway.



by: smburt Thu Jul 03 00:06:42 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT Report

Post trip report:
By day's end, I was good for one out of two for SPOT use. My afternoon in the kayak out in Rustico was a success with the unit tracking my progress as well as my check ins. The only thing that wasn't a success was my roll attempt at journey's end. After my third try, unbenounced to me, someone on shore ran in and hauled my boat upright, thinking that I was in trouble. I had to laugh, but he was given a bit of a fright. I guess roll practice needs some warning!


by: smburt Wed Jul 02 16:06:12 UTC 2008    
Team SPOT update:

Well the first trip of the day is done, and as I half-suspected, the only signal transmitted from SPOT came when I got back to the car and did an OK check in. The tree canopy of the Bonshaw trail is moderate to thick. I had SPOTcasting engaged, but it didn't show up on the map. My GPS with an external antenna did a great job tracking my progress however. I think in winter, the ability to view satellites would be easier.

The indicator lights on the unit seemed to tell me that there was a GPS lock, but there is no checking routine to varify that signals had been received successfully, and I think that was the case this time. I plan to be paddling later on today, and with a full view of the open sky, tracking my progress should not be a problem.


by: smburt Tue Jul 01 23:34:29 UTC 2008    
Doing another spot test Wednesday morning. I'm planning on trail running on the Bonshaw trail while it's still cool out. My primary goal is to test how effective the SPOT device is under an average tree cannopy. Here's the trail I'll be on:

After that, I may go paddling out in North Rustico.

Check out my SPOT page to see my progress here on the east coast.

by: smburt Fri Jun 27 15:35:19 UTC 2008    
SPOT the Adventure

Fundy foot Path, New Brunswick "Spot team shannon"
Time: Late July.

Hugging the rugged coastline of the Bay of Fundy, the Fundy Footpath is a 50 km trail, running from St. Martins and into to the Fundy National Park. The trip consists of highly technical hike through roots and rocks, with several elevation changes to suck away your endurance. There are at least two estuary crossings that can only be done at low tide. This is the location of some of the highest tides in the world. Cell phone coverage is spotty at best, so the SPOT personal messenger will really shine in its ability to go beyond where cellular technology just won't cut it.

Trip date: July 28-31st.

I can't wait to hit the trail!

by: smburt Wed Jun 25 11:11:46 UTC 2008    
Spot adventure:

If our Spot the Adventure page is active by this weekend, you will be able to find me on the road on a 2 day cycle tour winery trip. I couldn't get the 4 days to do it fully, but I'll be joining the crew fir saturday and returning sunday. Here's the post of the route:

shannon Burt
-east coast editor

by: smburt Wed Jun 25 11:08:52 UTC 2008    
Been a while since I blogged. To bring you up on some highlights, April brought out the kayak for a couple of weekends, so getting out on the water was great. Mountain biking obviously has started up at around the same time once the snow and damp ground cleared off. May came with the Red Island relay for my road biking leg. The long weekend brought a great trip to Fitzpatrick Mountain trail for mtn biking and hiking near Pictou, NS. Stonehame lodge was a nice place to crash in their cozy little log cottages.

With the onset of June, my school year went into the final spiral-wind up, and road biking became more of a regular thing. Weather has certainly been mixed however.

I have some great trips lined up for the summer, and we have a great campaign for you to follow six of our editors with a fancy new toy w're profiling. Find-Me-Spot is a satelite Personal Messenger that uses GPS satelites to track your location, and uses communications satelites to beam up those co-ordinates as well as check ins, help requests and 911 emergencies. The messenges are based on pre-written text back at home base. These get issued to people on your list via emails and text messenges on cell phones. In addition to the check in capability, you can also follow a breadcrumb trail on Google Maps.

We've intigrated that onto a new page where we are profiling our Spot the Adventure summer event. Look for it in early July! There are some great prizes lined up for the end of the event. Stay tuned.

by: smburt Sun Feb 24 12:21:56 UTC 2008    
Well, Valentine's day is successfully over. I think scored big points with my V-day gift this year. I always thought that V-day was a card only offering, but not true.

My ace up my sleve this year was something I recalled seeing in Backpacker magazine a while back. It was a neclkace thing with a carn design on a piece of metal. I hunted down the site and descovered that they make a nice variety jewelery under some different themes. From what I remember, they were based on yoga, outdoor enthusiast and seasonal concepts.

I didn't want to get the carn design because it would have been too obvious. I was torn between a snowflake design and a Yoga inspired Lotus flower. So, When faced with such a difficult decision, I bought both! She loved them!

Last week was a pretty sweet week in terms of work and play. I was asked to do a couple of presentations for teachers around using digital cameras. This was to be an afternoon event, but I asked if I was being given the whole day off or just that afternoon. They were very generous to give me the whole day away from normal teaching. I supose it's only fair to give me the extra time to counter the time I used in prepairing, but with preparations made a few nights before, I had the morning to myself. I took the dog and headed to Bonshaw to snowshoe. An hour in and an hour out. It was a great morning, and the dog was exhausted! The snow was beautiful, and I was making fresh tracks.

Shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Sun Jan 27 19:52:21 UTC 2008    
Got my winter camping in for January,a nd now I can say that if it gets any lower than -18, I'll pass on the sleeping in a tent experience. Last night was cold. I had a -18 bag, and a nice down sleepmat which should have trumped anything, but not last night.

It was fun, however, skiing into Campbell's Pond beyond the fringes of the National Park, and hearing a fox yelp not too far away was a little daunting. Here's the link:

I would like to return to explore again, as I did see some xc trail evidence that I would like to check out further. Them Alpina skis are a terrific invention for out of track exploring.

Hey, ice climbing next weekend in Grand Falls. Anyone interested?

East coast editor
shannon Burt

by: smburt Wed Jan 16 13:50:12 UTC 2008    
Well, it's mid January, and the snow storms are in full force. 2nd day off from work, or technically a snow day. Marking is up to date, and not much planning to do...

I'll let you in on some up coming gear reviews we're working on. Currently I'm dialing in a new pair of Salomon REVO hikers. They're pretty sweet with seamless technology, and a funky "contra grip" tread design. Look for the review in April.
Also becoming a favourite is a new goretex fabric called Pro shell. My wife ownes a Goretex XCR (Extended comfort range) shell, and compared to it, this thing feels like a feather weight. Putting it on the first time, it felt like I was wearing a paper patterned jacket. But it's got all the fixings of a standard storm shell: Water proof pit and pocket zips, a hoot fit for a helmet, and excellent detailing. It's the Exum, and it's been given some pretty descent acalades.

Finally, I've been learning how to work with grip wax. Finicky at best, at this point. Also we went downhill skiing last weekend for the first time in the season. It didn't take too long to get the tele turns going again. Man you really can feel it in your thigh muscles.

I'm preparing for a trip out to Quebec for back country skiing in March. It's a hut system that takes us to Mt. Logan in the Chic Chocs. It's our third time in the region, and you know what they say; Third time's charm! This time, we're going to make the most out of the hut life. I only hope there are more english speaking hut mates this time.

I think for the mean time, I'm replacing the kayak once a month regime with camping at least once a month. I'm hoping to make it out to the national park for a night out soon. Well, that's the news. Make the most of the snow!

Hey if anyone here in Charlottetown makes a routine trip out to Brookvale each sunday morning for some XC skiing, let me know? I would like a ride!

-shannon Burt
East coast editor

by: smburt Thu Dec 06 21:18:33 UTC 2007    
Man, I love the snow. It;s not even winter, but it's my favourite season of the year. To celibrate, I took out my backcountry skis and tele boots and went for a flat ground romp out in the woods and trails by my place. Dog loved it just as much as I did. I'm even thinking of Brookvale after supper tonight to try some skinning and the well earned turns afterward. I hear rain in the forecast, so it may be my last chance before our next storm. Snowshoeing would be a shurer bet, but to be out skiing, this early in December, well, that would be pure bragging rights. Maybe I wouldn't be so jealous of our editors out in BC and Alberta. Hey, we got snow too! Pleanty to float some skis or snowshoes. Welcome WINTER!

east coast editor

by: smburt Sun Dec 02 20:30:49 UTC 2007    
Been a good time recently. Have been working very hard at bringing new gear reviews on line for the up coming months, and so far, have been quite successful; 7 for 7 I think, last time I counted.

Had to do a quick review of the Exped down sleepmat this weekend. It coincided with our first snow storm, so I camped out last night, as it went to as low as -10. the sleepmat worked perfectly, and i slept very well! i hope to get out again before christmas vacation. hopefully one of those days before we travel to go to NB for some ice climbing. Parlee Brook would be sweet!


by: smburt Wed Nov 07 21:03:39 UTC 2007    
Been a while since I last wrote. (few have even been bugging me to give a new report! Thanks...

Well, I would have to say that Thanksgiving was another great long weekend, and the subject of my post.

Headed out to NB, specifically, Florenceville. Leaves at their peak out there, with the sun making them blaze in color. Many leaves on the ground, making for a loud swish swish or steady swish, depending on how you go through them. For me, the theme for the long weekend was mountainbiking. I set aside a day to visit Maine. Near Fort Fairfield to be specific. I wrote a trail report last easter for the NHSC an xc ski center, and they advertised great mountian biking to boot when the snow vacated. I'm here to say that this place is definately a great mountain biking attraction and one for trail running too. A gorgeous place!
22 miles of trails, all single track. Their rating for beginners, intermediate and difficult make Bonshaw rank as difficult. The intermediate stuff was smooth and fast!

OK, does florenceville have some mutant burdock strand? Those things stick like you wouldn't believe, and man, they keep burrowing until those quills start to dig into your skin! Ouch!

Rememberance day weekend, a day to remember, and a weekend for me and a pal to go hiking! Fundy Footpath here we come. Will report when I get home. Going to be cold, but dry. (The way I like it!)

Stay tuned.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Sep 27 22:32:42 UTC 2007    
Work well under way now. Just got back from a school trip, probably unlike most concepts of school trips. We took 32 students down the St. Croix River that borders maine and NB. It's a historical water way, or a designated historical site, as a native water way, as well steeped in logging history.

We had fine weather, and the students were great! higher water this time around, doing it a week earlier than usual. Up next? back to NB and slipping into Presque Isle, Maine for some serious mountain biking. Hopefully the Dakine gear arrives in time. If you do a search for Presque Isle Maine, or simply trails in Maine on trailpeak, you'll see the xc ski trips I posted. Planning on heading back to the same areas. Should be great as long as the weather co-operates.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Sun Sep 02 19:57:28 UTC 2007    
Well back to work tomorrow. In all, quite a terrific summer. I don't think any goes by leaving me totally satiated, which is good, 'cause what would I do for the next summer?

I'll fill you in on the highlights a little later. Juggling a few things at the moment, and just got back from the mainland doing some BTS (back to school) shopping. I did manage to set foot on the Bluff trail however just this morning, and man, that's a mighty nice trail system they've got there. Easy to find, and extensive! Only managed the first loop in the 2+ hours I had, and was treated to some very nice sights. Reminds me of Gros Morne up in the tundra.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Aug 02 19:22:32 UTC 2007    
Well, the kayak is getting the most use of all this summer. We just came back froma business / pleasure trip to halifax on Tuesday, where we spend about an hour or so out in Prospect, near Peggy's Cove. What a beautiful place to kayak. Very Rocky, and on the day we went there, very foggy. Not a place you want to be without your GPS or at least a compass.

This morning, Ian and I paddled Savage Harbour area, and you should be able to easily find that through a search on Trailpeak. Nice area, made nicer by paddling the coast line instead of inside the harbour itself.

Took my kayak to an autobody place to fix the ding I did to it in summerside. Neat tip to take it there, instead of some place like a boat manufacturer. They won't bother with you at all, while the autobody place took it on for fifty bucks. One place out in Montague was asking $200 minimum just to look at it. All that for a dime sized chip out of the gel coat (fiberglass tape actually). It would cost me at least $40 to buy the gel coat puddy myself, and i needed two colors to also fix some minor hull dings as well.

Given how much the boat is getting used this summer, and year round, for that matter, this sort of minor maintainence is to be expected every once in a while.

-shannon Burt
East coast editor

by: smburt Sun Jul 29 16:41:22 UTC 2007    
Well, kayaking has been the most note worthy effort thus far this summer. At least for new routes. Not much to discover for hiking here on the island, though there are old favourites I return to for mtn biking and taking the dog.

Just returned from Boughton Island with a beautiful weather and water conditions. See the post:

Still trying to find a way to hike the Fundy foot path this summer, as it seems to be aluding me in terms of logistics.

Hey, been watching The Tour? It just finished today. (tour de France)

A great race, though with plenty of scandel and contraversy. I heard (possibly mistaken) that there was a 17 year old in the tour. Very impressive at a young age.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Jul 26 11:39:10 UTC 2007    
Well, scratch that off my list. Ryan and I crossed the strait more than a week ago. I've gone on a lot in both the trail post and the article. Any more, and I would simply be repeating myself. It was a great trip, and one that I would highly recommend, skill wise, if you're up to it.

Yesterday I had a ton of fun out in North Rustico. The water was bath tub warm, and the jelly fish quite scarce. What better opportunity to practice technical skills?

My friend Kenny just returned from NS on a week long level 2 kayak training course, and was giddy with skills to show. He was also one of the assistants at the roll clinic this past May, so he's really great at providing much needed tips when analysing technique.

My real purpose for being out that afternoon was to revisit my roll skills. I had just finished retrofitting my boat to make it fit me better, and I had just bought a diving mask so that I could see under water, and no water would get up my nose. (both great assets in roll training)

Anyway, along with Kenny, was Ryan Young of course, just free from doing a tour with Outside Expeditions.

I knew that my past rolls were OK, but not consistant. I thought I might concentrate on the trick of following one's paddle blade through out the sweep, and thus keeping my head low at the final, most critical part of the roll.

Well, success after success. I never failed a single roll. We practiced formal rolls, assisted rescues including "The hand of God", and the re-enter and roll technique. Kenny reminded us about arm extensions that protect or put in danger your shoulder joints, which is critical to know for braces.

After an hour and a half of practice, we all paddled back with silly grins on our faces from our successes. Nothing like a productive day out on the water!

This weekend, and kayaking over nighter out on Boughtin Island, just off the coast near Brudenell, PEI. Look for it next week!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Fri Jul 13 03:12:12 UTC 2007    
Well, an editors trip is in the works. Ryan Young, native to Newfoundland, and our NF editor, is here on a kayak guide job with Outside Expeditions, and he and I are planning on paddling across the Northumberland straight along the Confederation bridge this Saturday morning, July 14th. Weather and tides are combining to make for a great opportunity to cross and come back. We're slating the morning to do it. Two hours each way to cover the 13K span, to NB and back to PEI.

Look for the post. next week, it should be increadable.

east coast editor

by: smburt Mon Jul 09 15:59:51 UTC 2007    
OK, summer's here! (well, my 2 month vacation at least) and things have gone off with a very positive bang.
First off, as my tradition would dictate, I did a 4 day cycle tour around the sunrise trail. We dub it our Winery tour. We stop at three wineries along the way, and in the fist day, we pass through three provinces!

Upon returning, we took a weather day off back at home, only to hit the road once again. In this case, it was the Rails to trails system to get to Red Point, PEI. 100K each way, with pretty good weather. Upon reaching the provincial park camp ground, I saw a whale in the water. That was something I never saw before.

Look for the posts within the next week or so.

Coming up, I'm planing to cross the Northumberland strait in my kayak with some friends. It's been a goal for a while, so I think this is the summer to check it off my list. Hell, it's only 13K, so it's more of a mind game than it is an endurance thing. I hope to do it with my co-editor from Newfoundland. It would make for a great post.

THe other thing on my list is the Fundy Foot path. We'll see when that goes.

shannon Burt
East coast editor

by: smburt Mon Jun 25 11:48:56 UTC 2007    
I just heard on the radio that an upcoming segment was looking into what bumperstickers say about "you". Well that got me to thinking, and I quickly reached a conclusion that connected bumper stickers to tatoos.(ones on women, at least)

I was driving the other day, and I saw this old pickup truck with stickers all over the back box cover window. The truck was also for sale. I got thinking how the stickers were put on in the truck's hay-day, or its owner's hay-day. Now the truck's looking old, and just doesn't carry the same excitement the stickers are elluding. The stickers seem out of place.

Well, maybe (definately?) tatoos are the same statement. Applied in the hay-day, or bloom of youth, but the human body doesn't carry the same theme with age. I can picture all these old ladies sporting tatoos, looking so out of place like that old pickup for sale.

So, Why don't people take those stickers off, and why don't people simply resort to rub on (short term) tatoos? No commitment, no long term contradictions.

shannon Burt
East coast editor

by: smburt Wed Jun 20 21:39:09 UTC 2007    
Met my Newfoundland co-editor in person yesterday. If you want to meet him, he's going to be guiding this summer over at Outside Expeditions in North Rustico, here in PEI.

I picked him up at the NS-PEI Ferry at around 11PM last night in Wood Islands, and gathered him, his belongings and his guitar. (the guitar threw me off, for sure!)

He'll make a great guide I think. He spent the last two years in Corner brook, taking a guides' course. If he doesn't wax poetic about this island to his clients, he can easily fall back on his days in Gros Morn, and the island of Newfoundland.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Jun 07 03:06:32 UTC 2007    
Well, that didn't work so well. Here's the link to paste:*ev

Still not so pretty, but easier to pick out.



by: smburt Thu Jun 07 03:04:55 UTC 2007    
June is hear, and warm weather just came back. Summer is just on the doorstep.
I just wrote a review for a beautiful Kelty tent called the <A href="*ev"><U>Gunnison 2.</U></A>
It was suppose to make an appearance on the Fundy Foot path, but we all know how that trip ended.... (yes, I need to move on)
Well, up next is the wine tour at month's end, and I just found out that it might be extended a few days to explore the eastern end of PEI, my favourite part of the island to cycle tour. With honey's permission, and a healty knee, I will be part of the extended ride!

shannon Burt
East coast editor

by: smburt Wed May 30 00:25:15 UTC 2007    
Well, I went to moncton for the long weekend with the family. I couldn't resist having a taste of the Dobson trail. It's a 58K woodland hike from Riverview to Fundy Nat. park. I sampled the first 8 or 9K (18K total) in an afternoon. Funnmy that once I set foot on the trail, the rain stopped, and stayed that way until I got back to the car.

The trail was wet however, and I even slipped and fell once. I never took a camera along, but did track it with the GPS. The fist 2K are like a community access trail; gravel bed, all kinds of signs and interpretive materials. After that, it gets true to its intended nature as a single track foot path. It crosses many ATV routes, and follows a creek that I would say is / was canoeable, though with the occasional sweeper. I've been told that the trail lacks any real beauty, and seeing that it's a forest trail, I would concure. But, saying that, it's also one of those note worthy trails that any maritimer within driving distance should put on their list of must dos, even if it's only to do once.

Next adventure? A cycle tour along the Sunrise trail. Three provinces, four days, four wineries, one bike, one bridge, one ferry ride and four panniers. It marks the beginning of my upcoming summer vacation.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Fri May 18 00:01:36 UTC 2007    
Well, the trip is a no-go.

I'm a bit torn about the idea of having all this "rain gear" and not being motivated to be out in the thick of it, using it.

I figure part of the decision is that the weather will make the trip harder, and doing such a hike in three days is pushing it enough. Add wet terrain, and danger factor rises.

I'll find an alternative activity for the long weekend.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Wed May 16 23:55:58 UTC 2007    
The weather's been waffleing between sunny and rainy for the upcoming long weekend. I was invited to do the Fundy Footpath, an epic east-coast hike along the Bay of Fundy. Every day the forecast changes, but ever since yesterday, it's been improving. I hope the trend continues.

My wife unfortunately can't make the trip, and I am taking the dog, so not only am I carrying solo weight, I'm adding to that things for the dog. Instead of carrying my normal 30 lbs range pack, it's now bordering 40 lbs. at least most of the extra is food, making a lighter pack as the trip continues.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Fri May 04 23:00:46 UTC 2007    
Preparing for Fundy Foot path this long weekend. Taking the dogger too. It will be his first multiday hike, and his first time camping. Talk about baptism by fire. If he comes out of this with out me carrying him, he will be a true trail dog.

Was hoping to do a shake down with him this weekend, but rain is fouling up the family plan.

by: smburt Sun Apr 22 19:00:24 UTC 2007    
April 22nd

What did you do on Earth day?
Here, on the East coast, it was a fine weekend, with sunny warm weather. More than fit enough to hike the Brookvale CTO and Secret Snake Trail systems. Lots of snow still lurking, and wet in places. My boots are totally soaked!

Sunday Morning, Kayaked Ch'town Harbour out to the harbour mouth. Just a little breeze, comfortable enough for wearing a drytop and gloves.

A great weekend for celibrating Earth Day, and working on the pre season tan!

by: smburt Thu Apr 12 10:32:43 UTC 2007    
April, and Easter weekend rolls around. Did I hear snow storm? Yea baby, and I'm destined for it in the region of Florenceville, NB. It's not that Florenceville has much to offer, I'm more interested in Maine, whos border is about 15 minutes from here. With the snow, I checked out XC ski centers like the Nordic Heritage Ski center, Mars Hill trails, and Aroostook State Park with its Quaggy Joe Mountain.

THe snow made the trip incredible. NHSC was a great showcase of xc trails, and contained a wealth of mtn bike trails too. I'll be back!

Aroostook State park was equally as nice for XC skiing and snowshoeing if I had the time that day.

Mars Hill wasn't so great trail wise. The snow was wet, and the going difficult. I did check out the windmills on top of Mars Hill by car. That was cool, though not the same calibre of adventure.

The snow has stuck around, I hear we're getting a bit more this Friday. After that, I think spring will hit hard.

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Thu Mar 22 13:21:17 UTC 2007    
March break almost over. Weather not that great. Cape Breton was a bust. Never went to ski Tuonela. Next year for sure. Stayed at a set of pretty awsome challets near Pictou. home to the Fitzpatrick mountain trail. Will post this shortly. Awsome trail, great for what soothes you. Snowshoeing, mtn biking and hiking. Great story behind the trail too. Say bye bye to winter. Embrace thecoming of summer with kayaking, climbing, hiking and mtn biking. Next winter will be better... Man, I hope so.


by: smburt Sun Mar 11 19:03:38 UTC 2007    
March 11, 07 Sunday Morning.
Time change made an difficult wake-up this morning. I got the "March paddle" in this morning with my pal Ian MacAdam. We launched at North Rustico's beach, where winds had blown most of the pack-ice off shore. We paddled around intermittant burgy-bits for probably an hour before heading back to the car. March's paddle is now over with, and April will likely bring less ice in the coastal and inland waterways, giving us more options for let-ins. Stay tuned, we're lining up some pretty hot paddle reviews for this summer. Maybe next time I post a route, you'll see my new blades!

shannon Burt
east coast editor

by: smburt Sun Mar 04 12:25:22 UTC 2007    
Took off with the family to Wentworth ski hill in Nova Scotia March 3rd, for an evening ski. Approaching the mini mountains reminded me of the sites when you approach the chic chocs.

The snow was beautiful, and the runs seemed endless compared to my regular ski haunt!

Wentworth is a great central area, hosting opportunities for ice climbing, XC skiing, hiking and snowshoeing, and of course slope skiing. The G3 Barons just loved the corn snow! Review to come shortly. Look for it.

shannon Burt
East coast editor

by: smburt Sat Feb 24 22:47:46 UTC 2007    
Went night hiking a few nights ago. My wife had me struggling to keep up the pace.

One funny thing was the imprint left from the Z-rest we used when we set it on the little bench during a break. Someone's going to think "what a dimpled butt they have!"

Bonshaw trail was where we went. Not enough snow for snowshoeing really. So, we hiked. I used the insulated Wildline gaiters, and they kept my unlined climbing boots toasty at -14 degrees C.

shannon Burt
East Coast editor

by: smburt Sat Feb 03 00:40:23 UTC 2007    
Well, I'm stoked. My G3 Barons arrived today. I'm planning on hitting the slopes this weekend. Finally, fat skis for me! Look for our reviews in March!

by: smburt Sun Jan 21 17:53:27 UTC 2007    
Late January

Went snowshoeing a few evenings ago because it was -18 with -27 degrees wind chill. Why? Well because I wanted to say that I could in such inhospitable conditions. Slipped into the vahella pure jacket when we took a break for tea, and it kept me warm enough.

Been trying telemark letely at our local petite ski hill. It's coming along!

by: smburt Sun Dec 31 23:21:33 UTC 2006    
Just got back from BC Skiing the McGerrigle route in Gaspesie, Quebec. What a great place! No one else had snow in the maritimes except for them, and maybe Nfld. An easy 3 day excursion from hut to hut. Many hut-mates from France no less.

by: smburt Sat Nov 18 12:39:11 UTC 2006    
Blog (is this the blog space?

Mid November.

In the midst of preparing for a backcountry ski trip in Quebec's Chic Chocs. An incredable undiscovered wilderness area within driving distance from home.

In the mean time, been doing night hikes and still kayaking at least once per month in the off season.

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