Triple Crown of Waterton: Crypt Lake, Akamina Ridge,and Carthew-Alderson

Triple Crown of Waterton: Crypt Lake, Akamina Ridge,and Carthew-Alderson near Waterton Park Gate, AB

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45 kms
Waterton Park Gate, AB
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The Triple Crown of Waterton is a hiking challenge hosted every year

by Pearls Cafe, in the Waterton townsite. It has 3 of the favourite local

hikes: Crypt Lake, Carthew-Alderson, and Akamina Ridge (trail ends in

next province British Columbia!)

Crypt Lake trailhead can only be reached by boat. If you don't have

private access to a boat of your own, you can take a shuttle put on by

Waterton Shoreline Cruises. It costs $20 for adults and the shuttle

leaves from the Marina at 10:30 AM to drop you off across Waterton

Lake. You then have the day to hike 9 km to Crypt Lake and back

before the shuttle comes to pick you up at 5:30 PM. This hike has

desert-like areas, many switch-backs and small waterfalls. If you have

the time, there is a detour you can take through Hell Roaring Falls.

Make sure you bring lots of water, at least 2 bottles per person or

have a filtration device. It is really easy to dehydrate on this trek as

you have direct sunlight on you and there is nowhere to stop to refill.

The coolest part of this hike is a small cavern tunnel you have to pass

through, followed by a cliff edge you must traverse holding a wire line.

Carthew-Alderson (16 km) is a 7-8 hour day hike that begins from the

trail head off of Cameron Lake Road. You drive up there to start this

one way hike that end in the Waterton townsite, coming out just

beside the Cameron Falls. It's best to either have someone drop you

off at the trailhead start, or have someone available to drive you back

to the trailhead to retrieve your car after the hike is over. You climb

atop the summit of Carthew and can see a fantastic bird's eye view of

the park. You also go through montane, sub-alpine and alpine zones.

Akamina Pass is 20 km, starting and ending in Alberta crossing British

Columbia's Akamina-Kishnina Park. The ridge is often said to look flat

but has 3 substantial humps in it. This is said to be one of the most

difficult treks of Triple Crown, as it does require scrambling and there is

a lot of powerful wind on this trail. On this journey you will also pass

Wall Lake and Forum Lake.

When you finish each day's hike leg, go into Pearls to register. Once

you complete all 3 portions, you receive a Triple Crown t-shirt and get

your name put up on the Glory Wall!


Crypt Lake: go to the Marina on Waterton Lake, from the townsite,

across from Pat's. This is where you buy boat tickets and catch your


Akamina Parkway/Cameron Lake Road is where you will find the

trailhead for Akamina Pass, just after the Little Prairie picnic area.

To reach Carthew-Alderson, you will want to head up Cameron Lake

Road/Akamina Parkway. The trailhead leads off of the parking lot at

Cameron Lake.


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