Cabox near Stephenville, NF

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22 kms
Fall, Summer
Stephenville, NF
User clarpelley
Cabox, an anticlimactic mound of broken rock at 2672' above sea level in the Lewis Hills, is the highest geographic elevation on Newfoundland Island. The route to Cabox, through boreal forest and deep peridotite canyons, is second to none on Newfoundland Island. The scenery is spectacular. From the top of the hill you can see from Mount St. Gregory to Cape Anguille, a three hundred and sixty degree view with a one hundred kilometre radius!

Wildlife viewing opportunities are highly probable. Caribou have been frequently seen in the river valley and on the hillsides. Moose inhabit the forested areas. Foxes have been known to make their dens under the boulders on the hillside overlooking the Fox Island River valley. Arctic hare and rock ptarmigan blend with the rocks on the "Roof of Newfoundland".

This route is a 10 to12 hour hike, about 22 kilometers, through boreal forest, bogland and peridotite barrens. The trail is accessed by way of a 28 kilometer forest resources road. There are few marked trails, the terrain is challenging. Map and compass navigation is essential.


get to the Lewis Hills from Stephenville, drive 5 kilometers from
820783, the intersection of route 460 and West Street, Stephenville, on route 460 to the Cold Brook
intersection at 858814. Turn left and drive just over one kilometer toward Cold Brook. At the intersection of the Cold Brook road and a logging road at 864823 , turn right. ( 7:15 AM ).

The distance along this logging road to the trail head is approximately 28 k. There are several intersections and branch roads along the route. As a general rule, follow the main road. It is still in use by large logging trucks and other vehicles. Caution is advised. Allow at least 1 hour to drive to the trail head.

The first intersection is approximately 8 k along the road at 897881. Turn left and the road immediately crosses Cold Brook (the river). The roads begins to climb and curve to the west. At 11 k, 890897, another intersection, stay on the main road to the right. At 14 k, 890924, another intersection just past the Romaines Brook bridge, stay on the main road to the right up a hill.

At 21 k, 930975, stay on the main road to the left.
At 26 k, 958999, stay on the main road to the left, in a northerly direction.
At 27 k, 963009, the road crosses Phillip's Brook.

Beyond Phillip's Brook there are two more intersections very close together. One to the right and to the left. Continue straight on through, past both. About 700 m beyond Phillips Brook, there is an excavated area on the right, with several mounds of gravel. Park your vehicle here, off the road.(8:39 A.M.) Nearby, off the western side of the road, is a skidder track leading to a clear-cut

A cabin-owner also uses the track to access a cabin. The trail is well-used. Follow the track through the clear-cut to a small pond ( 8:47 A.M. ) 956016, through a small tuckamore grove, across a small bog and into a spruce grove, where the cabin is located 951019.

From here the trail is not marked. The area is covered by low bushes, tuckamore and bog. It is not possible to follow a constant compass bearing, but following the UTM grid points is important to maintaining your route. Continue around the cabin through the spruce grove, northwest
280ยบ, to a point, 948020, between two small ponds. You may be able to see the rusty brown of the
Lewis Hills to the northwest.

Please check the bottom of the Description (above left; click) for the author's written directions.

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By EumelPosted By: Eumel  - Tue Jan 23 17:34:53 UTC 2018 Not Rated Question What are the numbers in this description.
Some GPS-Coordinates may be helpful.
I plan to hike here this year.

ANSWERS are in this forum:   Numbers in description

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