Mt. Fromme - A Mountain Biking Overview

Mt. Fromme - A Mountain Biking Overview near North Vancouver, BC

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40 kms

Mountain Biking
Summer, Fall, Spring
North Vancouver, BC
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Mt. Fromme is one of the more popular places for "north shore" style mountain bike trails on Vancouver's North Shore. Sometimes referred to by locals as 'Grouse Mountain' after the nearby ski resort, Mount Fromme is a destination for those prepared to "earn their turns". The only way to the top of these trails is by foot or pedal power.

The mountain bike trails vary from a few classic cross country style single tracks and double track trails, to a multitude of technical downhill and freestyle trails. While many of the mountain bike trails have "built" features, including stonework ramps, drops and roller coasters, wooden ladders and berms, slippery log rides, teeter-totters and gap jumps, many of the more difficult features have easier ride-around options.

There are some very difficult and technically challenging trails on Mt. Fromme. If you're new to the area, try some of the easier trails out first. Regardless, be familiar with the trail rating system and ride within your limits. While most trail heads have the name and rating of the trail posted, many do not.

Following is a summary of the Mount Fromme mountain biking trails.


Powerline Trail (XC)
Cedar Trail (XC)
Roadside Attraction (XC) ... more
Mountain Highway (XC)
Abelard Canyon Climb (XC)


King of the Shore (XC)
Griffen (Upper and Lower) ... more
St. Mary's Trail (XC)
Leopard (XC)
Baden Powell (XC)
Dempsey Trail (XC)
Kilmer Trail
Per Gynt (H)
Pile of Rocks
Crinkum Crankum


Quarry Court (H)
Squeaky Elbow
Seventh Secret ... more
Lower Oil Can
Jerry Rig
St. George's (H)
The Dump
Natural High
Ladies Only ... more
Bitches Brew
Upper Oil Can
Pink Starfish ... more


Walk in the Clouds
The Flying Circus

Many of the trails are significantly more difficult when wet. Even those familiar with a trail can be surprised by a downed tree around a blind corner, or trail disrepair. Keeping these trails in their current condition is a constant work-in-progress, and consumes hundreds of days of volunteer labour.

Also, please be aware that many of these trails are shared with hikers. Slow down when passing hikers, make sure they are aware of your presence without surprising them, and warn them if there are more in your group on the way.

Other north shore mountain biking areas nearby are Mount Seymour and Cypress Mountain.

The above overview map was provided courtesy of NSMBA are the stewards of mountain biking on the North Shore. They are a local community trail advocacy group. Give them support, become a member, join them for their trail maintenance days, attend their regular toonie races and other events.

NSMBA encourages responsible trail building, trail ratings, and, is responsible for the trail signs, trail building days, etc. They are a non-profit group that needs your support so join-up, and, become a part of the group that is effectively managing mountain biking trails on the North Shore and increasing awareness on all sides.


Take either of the bridges (2nd narrows or Lions Gate) to North Vancouver, get on the Upper levels highway (99). Exit at Lynn Road, exit, and drive North to Mountain Highway. Turn left (north) onto Mountain highway and drive up the hill.

Do not park past the parking restriction signs. The area is so popular with riders, local residents feel a little overwhelmed by the mountain biking crowd. There are orange parking restriction signs about 5 blocks before (south of) the park gate. You MUST park below (south) of these signs. All parking above these signs, including on all the side streets, will result in your being ticketed and/or towed. Please respect the local community, as Mt Fromme is their back yard too.


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By smokingbunnyPosted By: smokingbunny  - Wed Aug 21 17:30:40 UTC 2013 Not Rated Question Hello,

I'm trying to decide between buying a Devinci Frantik 2 (2008) or a Rocky Mountain Slayer ss 350 (2008). I'm 5'5 and 120 lbs. Which would be best for me for riding the North Shore such as Fromme but also riding the Parks? What is the approx difference in weight between these two?


ANSWERS are in this forum:   Purchasing downhill bike for North Shore (Fromme) & Park rides
By oléPosted By: olé  - Fri Mar 02 19:16:45 UTC 2012 Not Rated Question Hi guys!! I'm from spain,and next summer i will be there for a few days. Could you tell me how far is vancouver from mt fromme? Thanks!!

ANSWERS are in this forum:  olé

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