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Blow Me Down Trails near Corner Brook, NF

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42 kms
Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing, Back Country Skiing, Snowshoeing
Summer, Winter
Corner Brook, NF
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Blow Me Down Trails. The Humber Valley's Hidden Gem. The Humber Valley and the city of Corner Brook, located in Newfoundland' s western snow-belt, has long been the favored destination for winter adventures in this province.

The region receives, on average, 16 feet of snow each year and at 1600 vertical feet, nearby Marble Mountain Resort boasts the best skiing east of the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately, many visitors to the area never get to experience Newfoundland's best kept secret for winter adventure, so we're doing our best to share the secret. Located just 5 minutes from downtown Corner Brook, Blow Me Down features over 40km of groomed ski and snow-shoe trails, and the breathtaking scenery and amazing skiing creates an atmosphere of exhilarating winter fun. It's all about discovery and not about the crowds in this wildnerness setting.

Situated on a high plateau above the Bay of Islands and nestled in the shadow of the Blomidon Mountains, the park is a little out of the way and is easily overlooked when visiting the area. However, if you are looking to experience some real Newfoundland wilderness during your trip, this is the place to be. Stunning panoramic vistas make Blow Me Down a photographer's paradise, both on the trail and off.

The trails themselves were developed over the years by various club members and the racing trail system was designed by Olympian Pierre Harvey. This great mix of touring and racing trails offer up some wonderful fun and adventure for skiers of any skill level. Winding through boreal forest, open bog, and mountain-top plateaus there is no shortage of terrain to explore and in addition, the trails are broken down into three categories based on difficulty. With names like Sleepy Hollow, Bog Slog, and Fox Valley, the trails offer up a little bit of everything for classic and skate skiers alike, and are great for the whole family to enjoy. There is no shortage of wildlife along the trails either with Moose, Caribou, Fox, and lots of bird life meeting you around every corner. As an added bonus, 6.5km of trails are lit for night skiing, although on most nights the moon provides a great backdrop for a late night ski or snow-shoe endeavor.

One of the great things about Blow Me Down Trails is that it is located in a wilderness setting. This means that you don?t have to stick to the groomed trails. If you are looking for some extra adventure just bring a map and compass along, and within minutes you can explore some of Newfoundland?s most beautiful backcountry. Pristine snow filled valleys and spectacular mountain vistas are just a few of the treasures you?ll find by getting off the beaten track. Just remember that the weather can change quickly so be prepared whenever heading off trail, especially when traveling around the Blomidon Mountains.

There is a warming hut know as the ?Gazebo? located 5km from the main lodge and volunteers can be found there on Saturday Mornings serving up fresh Toutons (fried dough ? a Newfoundland favorite) and a hot mug of Chocolate Sam?s. The hospitable atmosphere makes this a great place to ski and hang out and you are sure to meet lots of friendly people on the trails who are happy to share their tales of days gone by, when they skied on woods roads and power transmission lines, before coming together to begin the task of building the network of trails that eventually became the foundation of the ski park.

Blow Me Down Trails has been serving skiers in Corner Brook area since 1977 and over the years it has evolved into a full service facility with great training programs, an excellent trail system and a full service lodge including food and bar service. Recently it has grown to become the largest cross country ski club in Newfoundland and Labrador. In 1999 the city of Corner Brook hosted the Canada Winter Games and Blow Me Down was used as the venue for the Cross Country Ski Championship. Because of this major event the park received a facelift and several trail upgrades to bring it up to par for racing.

Today, the park is trying to redesign itself and turn into a four season facility. 10km of hiking and mountain bike trails have already been added, with more to come in the future. The hope is that people will stay active during the warmer months and use the park to its full potential. A ski playground is also being constructed to make the park more accessible for younger members.

Blow Me Down Trails is definatly a great place to visit, a fun place to ski, and a nice, friendly place to relax after a long day on the trails. The park opens on December 26 and runs through until late March, depending on snow conditions. If you are interested in visiting Blow Me Down Trails or the Corner Brook area please check out our website or call (709) 639-2SKI (2754) for more information.

Happy Skiing

Ryan Young,

Newfoundland Editor


From TCH exit on Route 450 which takes you along the south shore of the Bay of Islands. From route 450 take a left on Lundrigan Drive and look for our sign! Take a right and look for our big green lodge. For more information visit


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By shackinaswampPosted By: shackinaswamp  - Sun Nov 21 19:51:49 UTC 2010 Not Rated Question I was hoping to do a winter trip again this year. This could be with 1 or 2 others or possibly alone (like last year's 5 day trip in the Chic Chocs-Mount Logan). Are there places in Western Newfoundland that you would recommend-a nice place to get away, see nature and ideally where there might be a ferrying system for a pack - for a number of days of provisions? This made the trip in the Chic Chocs a lot easier. If not possibly a place where one can ski into a cabin or lodge and stay a night or from lodge to lodge, cabin to cabin? I am sure there are all sorts of wonderful picturesque spots and any advice would be appreciate. Thank you. BH

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