Divide Lake - Wildhorse Canyon

Divide Lake - Wildhorse Canyon near Kelowna, BC

This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars
35 kms
Hiking, Mountain Biking
Spring, Summer
Kelowna, BC
User mhook

This is an excellent trail through the magnificent wilderness area of Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park. It's Mostly steep trail through Okanagan Mountain Park that leads to a small mountain lake.

The Trail begins at the entrance gate of Rimrock Road, and makes a steady uphill grade for about 3 hours of hiking before you reach beautiful Divide Lake. This lake is truly a gem set on top of Okanagan Mountain, and the water is so fresh that it is excellent to drink. The next part of the hike takes you down the Divide Lake South Trail for about 2 hours, and then onto Wild Horse Canyon South Trail, heading south to the south parking lot. All of it is spectacular, and the trail is very well marked, mostly with small orange trail markers on the trees.


From Kelowna: Off of Hwy 97 after the floating bridge, turn onto Pandosy Street, and continue all the way along (it turns into Lakeshore Drive). Keep right when you get to Chute Lake Road turn off, and keep going for about 12 km until you get to Rimrock Road. Proceed up Rimrock road until you get to the access gate at the top.

From Penticton: follow Naramata Road 17km to Chute Lake Road which forks right. A further 5km, turn left on to Gemmill Lake Road for 1km to the south parking lot. The Last 1km Is Quite Rough. Reccomend Last Bit Drive Very Slow and/or Use A Truck/SUV.


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By vilchPosted By: vilch  - Mon Jun 03 17:45:11 UTC 2019 Not Rated Comment I wanted to add some info for anyone wanting to reach Divide Lake via Mountain Goat Trail (on the Naramata side).

I opted to park in the lot where Chute Lake Road & KVR Trail meet, and then hike up Chute Lake Road about 2km until you find a road (left side) marked with a sign pointing you to Okanagan Mountain Park & the South Parking Lot. Follow this road (a narrow gravel road, technically drivable) until you reach the parking lot on the edge of the river. Goat Mountain Trail starts on the other side of the river (across the bridge).

The trail is very well marked, but it is a pretty decent climb, and quite exposed, and there is no water until you reach the lake. Its about 5.5km from the South lot to Divide Lake, with about 500m elevation gain. I hiked pretty steadily and it took just over an hour from lot to lake.

I visited on June 1, and it was hot enough that I went for a swim in my clothes and was completely dry by the time I got back to my car. Bring water and sun protection!
By BCbabePosted By: BCbabe  - Tue Aug 21 21:45:32 UTC 2012 Not Rated Comment UPDATE:
Did this hike again Friday August 17, 2012. The trail up from Rimrock is an old service road and currently they are doing major construction with heavy machinery to improve the road. They are flattening, digging, widening (taking out tons of flaura and berry bushes) and I think they are paving it. It is passable but the compact gravel has been turned to deep sand most of the way which was quite difficult to trudge through.

Pity, the machinery really puts a damper on the quiet beauty of the middle of nowhere. And if they do pave the whole way up to divide lake (which is still remaining ONLY a service road) it will suck as the long uphill hike, likely causing major shin splints.
By BCbabePosted By: BCbabe  - Thu Aug 02 21:18:31 UTC 2012 Not Rated Upside GREAT workout and sooo worth the intensity when you get to the lake!! Fantastic views, yummy raspberries and saskatoon berries. It's a great retreat because practically noone has heard of it, let alone knows where it is. Downside No breaks, straight uphill! Comment Just to clarify, because it is not mentioned in the directions, the hike starts at the top of Timberline road, which is off Rimrock ROAD, not Ct so take a left at the fork. The "trail" is (I read somewhere) an old access road so it is wide and completely uncovered so very hot in summer.

It is so quiet and serene up there and the lake is perfectly clean, very deep, no weeds, and was not too cold at the end of July. Very refreshing to jump in after a 3-hour 1000m climb! There was a fair amount of fresh bear poop so i recommend wearing a bell and bringing spray.<BR><BR>The map at the fork (about an hour in) was confusing about the different trails and had no "you are here" marker. Continue straight up, the baker lake direction. By the looks of the map at Divide lake, Baker lake is only another hour or so away. There is a firepit, bear cache, and outhouse at Divide lake. Great place for fishing also. There were A LOT of fish jumping at dusk.
By Hiker MikePosted By: Hiker Mike  - Tue Aug 12 18:22:52 UTC 2008 Not Rated Question We're toying with the idea of hiking through the Wildhorse Canyon trail to Commando Bay area, then up to Divide Lake from that side (trail name escapes me) and back to the parking lot via the Divide Lake trail to Rimrock Road area. We'd like to do this around mid September.

Is the trail in decent shape for the whole stretch? Or is there a lot of thick parts due to the brush coming in after the fire and low maintenance? I've only done the shorter trail from the north parking lot since the fire and that was pretty thick with vegetation over the trail at that time, almost bush whacking at times. That was 2-3 years ago though.

Is there decent water access besides Okanagan Lake water for this loop, incidentally? Any word on bear caches at the campsites at Divide or Commando?

Thanks so much for any information, sounds like it could be great!
Mike - Mikesphotos.ca

ANSWERS are in this forum:  Current status of this trail?
By motherferretPosted By: motherferret  - Thu May 22 00:54:12 UTC 2008 Not Rated Question i was wondering if you are allowed to used a motorized off road vehicle (dirt bike quad etc.) on the road to divide lake?

ANSWERS are in this forum:  divide lake
By mdornianPosted By: mdornian  - Wed Jul 17 17:00:42 UTC 2002 Not Rated Comment The Mountain Goat Trail to Divide Lake is not suitable for mountain bikes.
By mdornianPosted By: mdornian  - Wed Jul 17 16:59:09 UTC 2002 Not Rated Upside The trip down from Divide Lake has great views. Downside The trip from Rimrock Road to Divide Lake is on an access road used to get to the communication towers on the top of Okanagan Mtn. The road is 10 km long, is steep and extremely boring. There are absolutely no views and it is completely in the bush. Comment I would not recommend the trail from Rimrock road for hiking unless you really want to get to Divide Lake. It better for biking. If you really want to get to Divide Lake, and the other lakes on the west side of the summit of Okanagan Mtn, I would recommend the Mountain Goat Trail starting from the Penticton side of Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park. Although it is also steep, it is much more interesting, with better views, and it is shorter.

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