Newton Ave

Newton Ave near Narragansett, RI

This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars
1 hour
Mountain Biking, Hiking, Sea Kayaking
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
Narragansett, RI
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Hiking -- easy (stay off of wet rocks)

Biking -- moderate - difficult

Kayaking -- extreme

Fishing -- can you actually rate fishing, I geuss I would say difficult because I have yet to catch anything, although if you talk with my friend Ben he would call it easy. I wish I understood how to catch fish.

So if you are headed out to Narragansett and are into things like the ocean, hiking, sunrises, fishing, Mtn. Biking, Kayaking this might be the place for you, info as follows:

Hiking-- This is not someplace that you will get to hike for miles and see mountains and crazy wildlife, but this is a place where you can walk the cliff line and see crazy people. The entrance is at the end of the road and after walking about 20 feet you will find yourself on the rocks. Growing up we found this to be a perfect place to play games like Sardines, as long as you don't run on the black rock. There are also some great tidal pools to check out and when there are big waves, some awesome breaks to watch. Just be careful, every couple of years someone is washed off the edge and doesn't make it back. Use caution along this trail. This is also one of the best places to catch the sunrise in RI.

Mtn. Biking -- Ever biked through a boulder field? That is pretty much what you have going here. You can bike pretty consistently down to the next street (Hazard Ave). After the entrance make a right on the rocks and just head down the coast. There are no paths to follow so you will have to forge your own way, although that is half the fun. Again be careful of black rock. Use caution on this trail.

Fishing – There’s water, you take a pole and toss a line out, need I say more.

Kayaking -- If you are going to launch here you need to be a highly proficient paddler and have a plastic boat. After walking in the entrance if you hook off to the left there is a large tidal pool. This pool is connected to the ocean at two points, one of which is obviously un-passable; the other is a narrow gap that will lead you out directly into a rock garden. This is a very narrow gap and you need to shoot through fast and then make an immediate 90 degree turn to face the waves, again in big surf this can be a very large problem, on smaller days just make sure it is high tide and you will have no problem. Once you are off and paddling, beware of the funny water. With the cliff line and some random underwater rocks hanging around the swell can get really funky out here. On the other side of things you can always launch off of one of the local beaches and paddle to this spot to avoid the rough launchings. Do not attempt to launch from this location unless you are an experienced kayaker and have all the appropriate safety gear.

I recently got a couple of questions based off of the picture of the schooner on the rocks there, here is the story behind this incident.

A little history:

1941: built North Bay, NewFoundland to fish the Grand Banks, strictly sail.

1945: coal freighter- Cabot Strait

1955: school ship - St. Andrews, New Brunswick

1966- 1968: purchased by Paul Harling and Doug Parsons as a pleasure craft. Rebuilt in Campobello Island, New Brunswick by Paul, Doug, Ira Dugas, and Varn Fletcher

1968 - 2004: repaired, rebuilt, maintained in Gloucester, MA by Paul, Doug, and John Hinckley. Raced in the Gloucester Schooner races, served as a Sea Scout ship and took part in the reenactment of the Arnold Expedition to Quebec 1975

2004: sold for $1

The owner was sailing down the coastline, taking it relativily close to the rocks. His rudder broke and the waves brought the boat up against the cliffs. There was no ecological damage with the salvage crew being able to remove the gas tank without any breaches. However the boat was un-reparable after this incident. Rumor has it that the owner sailed in close to the rocks to wave hello to a friend of his and simply sailed in a little too close.


Newton Ave. is located off of Ocean Drive in Narragansett. Start at the town beach and head down to Point Judith on Ocean Drive. After you pass your first sharp turn signs look to the left hand side of the road for Newton Ave., follow to the base of the road, public parking is on the left hand side.

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