Rendezvous Islands

Rendezvous Islands near Campbell River, BC

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Sea Kayaking
Spring, Winter, Fall, Summer
Campbell River, BC
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A quick and easy access to the east side of Quadra Island/Read Island to the Rendezvous Group can be had in less than 2 hours from the put in, more if you want to fish, and the fishing is great.

Alternatively this is a good trip if you don't have the time to paddle from Heriot Bay on Quadra. You can eliminate this 3-hour paddle by driving north to Surge Narrows. This paved and gravel road (1/2 hour) that takes you past little lakes that dot the interior of Quadra Island. From Heriot Bay take the obvious road up island and keep right. This road will eventually turn to gravel and end in a rough parking area. If you have 4 wheel drive you can drive further down the hill toward the water (about 100 metres and 30 metres vertical).

Carry the boats down the hill. Just to the left is Surge Narrows and Canoe Pass. Canoe Pass is the recommended passage if you are heading north to the Octopus Islands. Canoe Pass is the one closest to Quadra. The current in this gap really moves during ebb and flood tides. DON'T even think about entering at any time other than slack. Get a current table, experience and guide if you are thinking of heading to the Octopus Group.

To reach the Rendezvous Group you don't have to go through the Surge Narrows tidal race. From the put in head across the bay toward Surge Point, keeping well away from the entrance of passages of Surge Narrows and the Settlers Group. Head toward the narrow and shallow Whitefish Passage to the east; the current here is slower, giving a nice little ride as you watch the ample sea life slide by below.

Maurelle Island is on the north side of the passage and Read Island is on the south side. The eastern end of the passage opens to the bigger water of Calm Channel. The Rendezvous Islands are now 20 minutes away. Camp at the north end of north Rendezvous.

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