Chadsey Lake (Centennial trail)

Chadsey Lake (Centennial trail) near Abbotsford, BC

This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars This trail was given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars
10 kms
Hiking, Mountain Biking
Spring, Fall, Summer
Abbotsford, BC
User Mr.G
Chadsey Lake trail starts at the top of Sumas mtn.

Locals know this lake as Lost Lake but it's really Chadsey,old maps of the forest road up the mtn show the road as lost lake road. Several hike a bike due to the natural steepness ,but the whole trail is all in the canopy .(no clearcut logging ) We ride from the bottom to the top and go in just below the summit tower (75 feet below on a trail (signed with lookout 500meters) ) enters on E. side of the access rd.

Going across the summit ,through a tiny logged area down a set of stairs you reach a T. E takes you in a couple of minutes to a great view of Chilliwack and the C valley.

W. at the T takes you down to Chadsey , at the N. end of the lake you reach a junction go R. which is W. and go around the lake ,keeping the lake on the L. hand side of you.

Very poorly marked , with one junction which will take you down to Barrowtown if you go W. Keeping the lake to the L. of you and you will come to the S. side of the lake the trail goes down S. or E. backup to the access road. (this E. up trail is very poorly built --old )

Go S. down from the S. part of the lake , one blowdown area which work is being done to clear . One big ravine to go through and down till it gets real flowy you will then exit onto a double track logging road. Go W. a 100ft and L. back into the canopy takes you down till a L turn takes you to a log bridge .

Across and climb up till you finally get out onto Lower Sumas road.
Personally at the lower logging road go E. watching on the S. side of the road a trail appears (TimeOut MtBike trail) and go out this short trail till it exits onto Bakstad road just up from Batt road.This is the best way out.

If natural hiking or a little natural extreme turns your crank this is worth it. Bring food, water and in summer Chadsey is a great lake to swim in and enjoy. has been working to keep this gem open and clear.



Lower Sumas road

turn N. onto Batt road till dirt head either up till summit(as of Sept end gate is gone but another is coming higher up than the last one)


at Batt road T Go E down this short dirt road -Bakstad rd till corner where a parking area ( small waterfall ) and hike up the mtbike trail (TimeOut)till the dirt road .

Going L which is W. up till you see the mid entrance of Chadsey (orange taped with limited signage)

You will see the old 1867/1967 plates on some trees.


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By redcrayonPosted By: redcrayon  - Wed May 11 17:56:15 UTC 2016 Not Rated Upside We started from the bottom, taking the centennial trail all the way up to sumas peak. Took about four and a half hours round trip. Not bad view of the valley from the top although the bugs encouraged us to leave a little quicker. Some parts of the trail were quite muddy. Overall a fairly good hike. Downside Poor trail markings on the first portion of the trail between the start and the chadsey lake trail. Ended up on a 15 minute detour.
By MofunPosted By: Mofun  - Tue Sep 09 02:42:14 UTC 2014 Not Rated Question I want to find this lake tomorrow and for whatever reason, all the directions I've read sound sketchy. I tried finding the trailhead last year from the very top and couldn't find it. I want to start lower this time and hike up to the Lake. Can anyone give me a good clear instruction on where to park and where the lower trailhead would be? I would appreciate it greatly??

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By ScottCalderPosted By: ScottCalder  - Tue Jul 15 03:34:08 UTC 2014 Not Rated Question How long does it take from Chadney lake if you go left up the trail to Eastern Lookout? We came up from Bratt to Taggart and parked at the view where you look west and took an hour to hike up to the lake but weren't sure how much further the Eastern lookout was. It's the trail the rises fast with a lot of switch backs.

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By Mr.GPosted By: Mr.G  - Sun Jun 02 15:15:57 UTC 2013 Not Rated Upside The trail has been all cleared of blowdown from the top to lake to bottom logging access road. as of june 1st. Vegatation cutback and upgrades on this trail was also done. Mr.g Downside Don't leave late ,cell coverage is very spotty on this mtn. Comment rocks. mr.g
By JennandyPosted By: Jennandy  - Tue May 28 23:49:51 UTC 2013 Not Rated Question Just curious how long you think it would take a group of beginner hikers to walk from Batt Rd. to Chadsey Lake. We aren't planning to go to this peak this time.


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By Mr.GPosted By: Mr.G  - Mon Dec 19 23:31:49 UTC 2011 Not Rated Upside The lower Chadsey trail no longer has the tenous log bridge to washed out section. This has been replaced by a helicopter delivered new bridge. They have decommissioned this section.
You may not even notice the new section except it's straight and the new bridge crossing is sweet.
A few new bridges have been made as you go up to Chadsey Lake to stop traffic through the streams.
While this trail continues to get blowdown cleared,it continues to drop trees on the trail. A few of us will be going in again to clear the latest blowdown out.
A great hike ,but leave early and dress accordingly.
Downside Always seems to be blowdown on the trail,no matter how much work goes into it,the trail seems like not a lot of work get done.This is not true ,but after a couple of months the growth can really come on. Comment Summer a great place to hike down to and have a swim.
Hike out any garbage ,even if it's not yours.
together we can all make a difference.

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