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You will learn how to use a compass, take bearings, or follow a bearing that the GPS gives you. We talk about declination, how to calculate that, and, all the elements of topographical maps. co-ordinate systems are covered, both UTM and lat/long. A marine chart is described for comparison. We then move into GPS, with some background information on the GPS network and some light theory. After that it's all hands on, with outdoor compass and map exercises, aimed at allowing you to pinpoint your position, lift co-ordinates off your map, and enter into the GPS. When following a GPS to a waypoint, our unique approach teaches you how to use a GPS and handheld compass together.

The outdoor exercises are interspered with theory, and it all wraps with a treasure hunt. Attendees are shown how to download GPS data from Trailpeak and load it into their GPS. A world of Trails opens up when you use Trailpeak GPS data together with your GPS.

Feature List:

5 hour soup to nuts course

taught by Trailpeak's founder

Bring your own GPS (& compass - some compass available)

outdoor exercises

classroom time (about 2.5 hours)

learn the combination use of GPS and compass

learn topo maps & compass

learn UTM system and lat/long

learn best practices for GPS use

learn how to take GPS data from Trailpeak and place in GPS

learn to follow a route, GOTO waypoints, place yourself on a map

learn to read co-ordinates off a topo map and place in GPS

learn the strengths and weaknesses of GPS, discuss GPS models



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