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Get your banner ad (80 x 350 pixel max) into your choice of 6 trails of your choice (by hits, by geography), or, let us choose and help you get the most coverage

Feature List:

Your ad in 6 trails of your choice with prominent banner ad in each trail

Ad has text link and clickable image to your site for a 1 year period

Expect thousands of impressions (hits) as you pick the 6 trails that are popular and closest to you

An enhanced outdoor directory listing which has your description and details, and links to these 6 trails is included ($25 value)

A premium membership on trailpeak ($25 value) which gives you 5 GPS downloads and extra user priveleges is also included

You get enhanced statistics for all trails, showing the number of impressions (hits) for trails by activity, province, and town

We'll do the hard work for you if you like and pick the trails closest to you with the most impressions

Your ad rotated through the "featured sponsor" slot at the top of our outdoor directory (see "links") on our top nav

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