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Get in our directory sortable by supplier type (e.g. guide, lodging) and upload your details so that your service may be more visible to Canadians and visitors. Link your sponsored trails (automatically) to your listing by purchasing a 6 or 12 pack of trail sponsorships so that users may click to see the types of trails nearby. Get a free premium membership on trailpeak and discounts on further promotion and linkages to our top content that fits your niche.

Feature List:

Your complete (full) listing with large font name, type, image, contact info, linked URL, and description

A free premium membership (value $25) giving you GPS downloads and enhanced stats on trails (to advertise in)

rotation in our "featured" sponsors section site at the top of our outdoor directory page!

Upload your banner ad (80 x 350 pixel max) in our simple outdoor directory listing form and manage your own listing

... or for $39, get this premium outdoor directory listing (see "links" on our top nav) and your ad in 6 trails of your choice (see 6 pack for details)

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