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Get your banner ad (80 x 350 pixel max) served to users by choosing to go site-wide or by activity portal by region or Canada wide. At $2 CPM our goal is to give you cost effective advertising matching outdoor services with users

Feature List:

Banner from your outdoor directory listing (included) receives 100,000 impressions site wide

.. or choose the activity (e.g. sea kayaking) or region and we'll ensure your ad is targeted

$2 CPM (per 1000 impressions) for 80 x 350 pixel ad means your cost is just $200 that reaches outdoor enthusiasts

All at once (consecutive) or ask us to spread these out

Your ad is 80 pixels by max 350 pixels and JPG (you upload yourself via your outdoor directory listing)

If you want to purchase multiples of 100,000 impressions just increase the quantity in your shopping cart, we'll be in touch with you after your purchase

If you want a larger leaderboard at 90 by 750 pixels site wide for seasonal campaigns, please contact us



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